Mood Board: Bachelor Guest room

This guest room was designed for a bachelor client. As a new empty nester, he had a new guest room that was full of leftover furniture from a teen game room, including a well-worn futon and the token over-the-closet-door basketball hoop. The client now wanted a grown up space that could host his elderly mom more comfortably and make her feel welcome when she came to visit. He had no idea where to start, but had clear ideas about how he wanted the room to feel. For the duration of the product, “comfortable, but not too feminine” became our catch phrase…

This deep purple wall color has a nice, smokey, masculine feel to it. The client liked the color even more when I told him I would be filling the rest of the room in lots of neutral shades. By using a solid palette of mixed neutrals, the room also becomes easy to maintain. Items can be easily updated or replaced without worrying about “matching”.

This room itself was a bit of a space challenge because it was so small. I started by centering the bed along the longest wall. The client had purchased a new bed and basic frame before he called me for help. There was also an existing white Roman shade on the window. As soft goods go, all we had to purchase were some new bed linens. I chose this grey and white bedding for the detailed pattern. It has a bit of old world style but still looks crisp and tailored when all the pieces are assembled together on the bed.

A map is always a great piece of decor in guest room. Maps can really fill large spaces with interest for not a lot of money. We used this map of Paris as simple, but timeless focal point over the bed. The casual throw pillows for the bed include a pillow covered in an excerpt from a French poem. Once again, I made sure none of these pillows are part of a set and can therefore be replaced easily after wear.

Storage was another challenge in this space. The client and I believe that the room was originally designed to be an office. To solve this issue, I chose two decently sized dressers to serve as both night stands and dressers for additional storage. The black finish and pewter hardware on these dressers give the room a very masculine grounding and flank both sides of the bed with just centimeters of wall space to spare. When there are no guests staying, my client also has the option of storing all of the guest towels and linens in a bottom drawer. This will make the guest room easy to prepare quickly when company is on their way.

The table lamps on the dressers have a little pop of warm color and will make reading in bed easy for any guest. The architectural profile of the lamps ensure they won’t look dated several years from now. To spread more of the gentle lamp light around the room, two identical mirrors were hung on the walls above the dressers. This placement has the added bonus also giving the room a larger sense of space.

The new ceiling fixture added a little fun pattern to the room and kept with the neutrals theme. While the table lamps will probably be used for the majority of light in the room, a decent overhead light can really draw the eye up to make the space feel taller.

Finally, to make his guest feel welcome, I gave my client my “guest room stocking guide”. This is a list of tips on how to prepare and stock your guest room to make any guest feel welcome when they arrive. (I’m already transferring this list for a future blog post, so stay tuned!) You can see a couple of the must-have items on this mood board: a fresh water carafe and glass set and a small tray to safely catch any small, personal items (cell phone, jewelry, etc.) on the dresser.

With some careful space planning and double duty furniture, this guest room came together without spending a lot of money. By keeping the patterns and palette simple, the warm feel of the room should be welcoming to any future guests.

Unique, affordable, comfortable living.

Let me know what you think! Would you find this guest room welcoming? What are things you appreciate as a house guest?

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  1. I love the map. I once put up a AAA map on my wall and found it useful and something nice to look at. What city is that?

    • It’s a map of Paris. I really like to use city maps that include a river, because a river adds a real organic line to all those geometric street plans.

  2. I would love to read your list of “Guest Room Must Haves”. I have a wicker basket full of some of our magazines and current newpapers in our Guest room. You talked about the drawers in the dresser holding towels. What about the closet? How much room should I leave for a guest?

  3. I love this blog! I’ve been reading it and having my cup of coffee. I feel that I have learned something from all of the postings. I’m thrilled I found you! I want to open the windows today and paint my guest room that beautiful grey. I got to get going! But I’m going to be checking in to see what’s new!

  4. What’s really nice about this room is the simple but refined sense of style. A guy could be very comfortable visiting in this room without a sense of being overwhelmed by frilly things. The blending of wall color and other neutral shades, however, would make it appealing to anyone.

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