Mood Board: Garden Nursery to grow

Today’s mood board comes from a client couple expecting their first child, a baby girl. They wanted a nursery plan for a small room that wasn’t too “girlie pink”. They also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture or decor that would be outgrown by the time their daughter was 3. “Not too theme-y” was the way they phrased this need and I couldn’t agree with their sensibility more…

First, we chose a warm, neutral wall color. This color offered a gentle transition from the hallway wall color and other upstairs rooms. By choosing a color the parents like (the baby won’t notice the color for quite some time), it will be a calm soothing place for everyone at 3 am feedings. Years from now, when they have a 7 year old who changes her favorite color every other week, the wall color will still be a great, unifying neutral.

On a similar note, with the exception of the crib, none of this furniture screams “baby nursery”. Swap the crib for a twin bed and this nursery becomes a child’s room through high school. The antique-looking dresser can be used in this bedroom indefinitely, regardless of the age of the occupant. The chair and side table, while perfect for story time now, can be relocated to a guest room or a corner or a the family room as needed. Classic furniture pieces can make a room feel timeless.

For our dresser/changing table, the detachable changing pad is easy to clean and remove all together when no longer needed. A small, inexpensive lamp was added, identical to the one on the side table, to balance out the task lighting in this area. The seven drawers in this dresser should also allow for plenty of handy supply storage as a changing table.

Next, I wanted to put a few pops of color into the room. The room should feel cheery and a slight mix of patterns in always adds depth, for adults and children. I chose the area rug first.  The room had a nice light beige carpet, but I wanted some vibrant color for the baby to enjoy when they were playing on the floor. The busy, bright flowers on the rug also offer some real stain forgiveness, which is always welcome in child’s lifestyle.

Pulling the light blue color from the rug gave me chance to mix some cool colors into this cosy space. The blue gingham floor cushions are practical for the room and help fight the “girlie pink” feel the parents wanted to avoid. Similarly, the blue, petal-patterned shade on the ceiling light fixture brings in a cool, modern feel, with a slight nod to our floral rug.

The art on the wall is a lovely collection of ABC flower prints that provide color and a happy feeling in the nursery. All of the flower prints are framed in identical white frames. White frames look clean and fresh on any wall color. Keeping all of the frames uniform will help show off any art the child wants as they grown older. School art projects, concert programs, prom pictures, even cork for a bulletin board can be easily swapped into the same frames.

The cheery tone-on-tone yellow curtains mix well on the wall with the flower prints, but are also easy to wash.  To hang these rod pocket panels, we used an inexpensive curved metal curtain rod.  Should the baby ever really pull on these panels, there will be no heavy hardware coming down on top of them.

By choosing classic furniture pieces, these parents got a nice room that fits well into their existing home. By choosing cheerful, simple patterns and colors, we have given the baby a room that will easily grow with her as she becomes a lovely young woman.

Unique, affordable, comfortable living.

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  1. I’m expecting my first grandchild, a boy in July. My daughter has been looking for ideas. With a few cchanges this beautiful nursery could be a boy’s. I have some train prints that my daughter wants to use and I think she could find a rug that coordinated.
    My husband and I are to paint the room next month. We don’t want the fumes to be a problem. They are in an apartment, so the nursery will be in the guest room. Thanks for the ideas to get us started

  2. I love it! I think that rug will hide all kinds of messes when it comes to baby’s first meal. The rest of the room just flows. It’s calm and soothing, goes great with crying and sleep deprivation. I’ve looked at some of your other mood boards, but this one is my favorite.

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