5 Rules for Art in Your Home

1.  Trust your own taste. Art is personal and subjective. It always has been. If you love it, it is beautiful.

"The Connoisseur" by Norman Rockwell

2. Never let a designer choose art without your approval. See Rule #1.
3. Art does not have to “match” your sofa, or anything else. If this rule really freaks you out, you can frame your art to match the rest of your things.

"The Art Critic" by Norman Rockwell

4. Art does not have to be expensive. Most of us can’t afford an original Picasso. However, we live in a time of great printing technology. A beautifully framed print or poster of a masterpiece can be very satisfying to the soul.
5. Art does not have to be “art” at all.* Think outside of the usual definitions of art forms. There are great things to be treasured in your life and in your home.
*If this last rule needs further explanation, don’t worry.  There are several more posts in the works about this concept!

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  1. Again, you give us permission to be ourselves! I know there are some items that I don’t always feel confident about, but it’s my house! I will display what I want to. I live here!

    Sorry, I’m not ranting at you. I’m thanking you.

  2. I love putting my collected art all over my house. Thanks for the validation!

  3. You featured one of my favorite artists—Norman Rockwell. His art is timeless! I can’t wait to hear about how art doesn’t have to be “art” at all.

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