Save your jean pool

Jeans: can’t live with out them…can’t get them dry on “low” in under 2 hours.

Ya with me?

A good pair of jeans can be expensive. We are a family of tall people, so even finding a good pair in the right length can seem like a quest worthy of Tolkien. When we do find a good pair, we try to make them last. Risking the shrink factor in the dryer is just not on the table for us. So, we air-dry all our jeans. This saves on our energy costs, so we count it as a greener living choice, too. But, oh,*sigh*, the waiting….

It used to take 2 -3 days for our jeans to fully dry.

Enter my husband. We’ll call him Mr. CARO.

Mr. CARO is the Laundry Czar at our house. Through years of noble laundry experimentation, he has developed…nay…perfected a jeans playbook for all seasons. In the interest of saving the life of even just one pair of jeans out there, I share his 3 best jeans tips with you here:

1. Wash your jeans inside out, with the buttons and zippers closed. The jeans manufacturers use the friction between pairs of jeans to help give them that trendy I-wore-these-building-railroads-in-the-1850’s faded look. To keep your jeans the same color you bought them as, turn them inside out.

2. For the fastest air drying, use the hanger technique shown below.

Get a few of these types of hangers:

They are often called “skirt hangers”. We use them for jeans, too. Clip the bottom row of clips, to the top row of clips. Like this:

Bottom clips to top clips...

...clip #1...

...clip #2.

Now, clip your wet jeans by the waistband, using all four of the now-bottom clips. Like this:

Clip the back of the waistband...

...clip the front of the waistband...


This allows more air to the waistband area, which always takes the longest to dry. This also allows some air down the legs of the jeans. Hang the hanger anywhere you like for drying. Your jeans will dry much faster than you expect.

3. Use those fancy new hangers to make more room in your closet.

Fold #1...

...fold #2...

"...clip the jeans onto the hanger along the folded leg seams... get 4 pairs of jeans on one hanger.

A big thank you to Mr. CARO for his fab hand modeling! Do you have any laundry tips you can share with the rest of us? Any other going-greener laundry fans out there? Leave a comment!

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  1. This looks great! I recently discovered that I had outgrown a pair of jeans. Turns out when I bought the same brand, and it perfectly that I had shrunk my jeans! No more drying on high. Thanks, this really helps me.

  2. I always line-dry my jeans, but this sounds lke a new way I would like to try. I’m for fast! I didn’t know about washing your jeans inside out—that should make my black jeans last a lot longer!

  3. Very inventive!

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