New Blog Feature: Pinterest

Today’s post is about a new feature on the blog and how to use it. As I’ve checked my readership stats on this blog, I’ve noticed that the Mood Boards are particularly popular. You can see examples of these here, here and here.

I’ve been thinking about ways to offer more Mood Board-like content for those who do like it. I’m not going to turn this whole blog into a huge blog about mood boards, so if you are not the biggest fan of them, don’t worry. Instead I have added a new link to my Pinterest account.


If you’re not familiar with it, Pinterest is a social networking site that “pins” pictures of things you find “interest”-ing to a giant visual board. (See how they came up with that clever title?) Here’s what makes the site really awesome: They don’t just pin the picture to the board, they link the picture back to the original source, automatically.

“How can I used this fabulous technology for the design good of others?”, I thought to myself. Just see for yourself!

Click the on the sidebar link right there →→→→→→

I’m using my pin boards as a giant mood board for you. I’ve organized it into some easy-to-sort-through categories and will post beautiful things for you to browse and get inspiration from at any time. If you want to buy the item I’ve shown, just click on the picture and it will take you to the place to buy it. (I get no compensation from any links, pictures or sales. You can read about my position on that in my legal policies here.)

If you browse to the bottom of my current pin boards, you’ll see something that is starting soon for all of you serious Mood Board fans:

A FREE, fully designed room every month.

I’ll include the wall color, rugs, furniture, lighting, decor and art suggestions (see Rule #2 here!). Everything will go well together and the shopping is already done for you. Use it for inspiration, use the whole design for a room in your home or just “window shop”. It will stay posted for the whole month, then disappear as I post the next month’s room.

If you have an idea for a category of home design goodness, let me know. I’ll be adding new items in all the categories as I find them or as I think of them. Stop by from time to time and check out the new stuff.

Those of you who follow CARO Interiors on Facebook or Twitter will get my Pinterest updates instantly. I hunt for real deals online, so you may get in on some goods sales!

Don’t you love it when a friend shares a great shopping deal with you? Me, too. Now, I can share my finds with you!

We now return you to your regularly random interneting….

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  1. Wow, this is really cool! I like all of your picks. I’m going to try to sign up. Thanks!

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