Mood Board: Putting “classic” into “mudroom”

This mudroom was designed for a busy family of five, which includes three children in elementary school. It is a wide hallway starting at the back door, passing a large coat closet and a door to a small laundry room, ending at a door into the kitchen. When I was hired, the mudroom had become the home for abandoned book bags, orphaned gloves and wet umbrellas. White walls, white floor tile and the bright glare from a “builder’s special” light fixture did not help the cause. The clients wanted “function” and any “welcome home” we could add along the way…

Color is the first order of business for this white room. This warm green is a classic color that will wear well in a scrub-able eggshell finish. This mudroom is also a transitional room between outside the house into the inside of the living space. This soft green color will smooth the transition by bringing a little of nature inside. This is also why we chose the collection of antique insect prints for some more wall color.  You can see how the colors of the delicate creatures feel right at home on the green walls.

To make the floor more practical and less slippery, this indoor/outdoor rug adds to our colors from nature. The bold print will also be very forgiving as wet boots and shoes track in dirt. To remove those shoes, a sturdy bench was placed just inside the door. The woven seat is a very durable old design and brings some natural texture to the room. A painted metal umbrella stand next to the bench limits the distance any drips can get into the house.

Function dictated the next three items in the room. A large clock over the back door works toward keeping everyone on time. The large heavy dresser provides organization.  The top of the dresser becomes the place to drop the mail. Every child now has their own drawer for book bag storage. Mom and Dad each got their own drawers for keys, sunglasses, etc. We also drilled little holes in the back of the dresser to run their phone charger cords right into the drawers. The last drawer is supply storage for road trips:  maps, extra sunscreen, wet wipes, and other miscellany. The large mirror spreads some light around the room and helps keep everyone looking their best as they leave the house.

Lighting was our real “welcome home” tool. The plain overhead fixture was swapped for something more elegant. The frosted glass globe near the ceiling helps to diffuse the light more softly and masks the profile of the energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb. A large, heavy, urn-shaped lamp with a creamy fabric shade sits on top of the dresser. The classic profile and texture of this lamp is real eye candy for the clients. Once again, the bulb is a compact fluorescent, to keep energy costs at a minimum. We also put this lamp on a timer, which allows it to turn on at dusk every evening. Since the back door has a window, the lamp gives a cosy light to anyone coming in from the cold.

By adding classic, sturdy pieces of furniture and a durable rug, this mudroom now has “function” and flows well in the client’s lifestyle and home. Using some of nature’s color palette and warm lighting has also brought some “welcome home” to this family’s busy days.

Unique, affordable, comfortable living.

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  1. I love the colors you’ve put together. At first I thought it was a dressing room off of a bedroom instead of a mudroom. But what a great idea! Bringing the warmth and comfort and intimacy of one of the upstairs rooms to a room that I frankly would have overlooked for decor. I imagine it gives them an immediate feeling of home when they walk through the door. I’m totally taking this idea for my back door area. Thanks a lot!

  2. I had to return to your blog to see what else you were showing and talking about. I want to keep returning to see the great ideas and beautiful rooms you share. I am so going out and buy a small lamp and timer for my mudroom. Not only will we appreciate it, but our dog will, too. I have a little nightlight for him, but I think a cute lamp with a timer would be so cozy and be a warm light of happiness as we walked into our house. I’ll be back for more exciting ideas.

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