Mood Board: Spare Room to Elegant Office

This room was designed for a newly retired couple. After shedding their busy work week lifestyle, they wanted a new home office to keep their computer gear, printer, etc. all in one place. They wanted an office that made it easy to Skype with their children and grandchildren. They also wanted an office to have decent seating for reading the newpaper and watching a little tv news. Their only real concern was that they didn’t want it to look like an office…

This room had been “the spare room” for several years and had become a catch-all room for many odds and ends. The first thing we had to do was decide what to keep, so we had some sorting to do. We kept the cream colored Roman shade that was already in place over the window. We kept the simple opaque glass overhead light fixture, but we lowered the brightness of the three bulbs. We kept a small rattan coffee table from an older relative’s estate. We kept their three big file cabinets of personal records and bills, we just moved them into the room’s closet. Everything else was donated, relocated or set aside in the garage for their annual neighborhood yard sale.

Both husband and wife had already agreed that they wanted the walls to be blue. We chose this smokey blue as a lovely contrast to the rattan coffee table we already had in the space. The rest of the brown tones in the room were chosen with the same warm tones as the rattan for a sense of continuity.

The first piece of furniture chosen was the armoire. This room had to be an office, but we wanted something practical to hide the printer and their laptops when they weren’t in use. When the doors of this armoire are open, they reveal two cork bulletin boards, the printer, each laptop on its own shelf, a cordless phone, a webcam and a small tv. When the armoire is closed, as you can see, it just looks like a wardrobe.

The area rug was chosen to define the seating area on top of the existing cream carpet. The simple gold-on-gold pattern brings a little dimension to the floor without making it a focal point of the room. The gold accent is repeated in the two wall mirrors which help add a little sparkle to this office. You can also see some gold tones in the two framed prints that the client picked out.

To create a casual feel, two differently-styled seating options were chosen for the room. The leather recliner gives the room a nice masculine note and is great for leaning back with a laptop. The curved, tufted sofa adds a slightly more dressy touch to the room. It also provides the perfect place to Skype with family, using the computers and webcam in the armoire. A variety of throw pillows work with either the chair or the sofa, making the seating that much more adaptable to enjoying a good read.

The two small, curved end tables repeat both the curved pattern in the rug and the warm wood tones in the new armoire and leather recliner. The two table lamps have a classic vase profile and give off an easy glow for reading.

Finally, we wanted to bring some tactile nature into the room. Plants are normally an afterthought for most people, but they can really help bring a relaxed mood to any room, not to mention some natural air purification. For this room, we chose a large ficus to sit on the floor and a simple glass vase to be filled weekly with fresh, seasonal flowers.

By closely examining the goals for the room, the new furniture is both practical and beautiful. By balancing the warm and cool tones within the color palette, the room feels inviting and relaxing.

Unique, affordable, comfortable living.

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  1. This room really does look unique and comfortable. And functional. I love the couch. I’ve never seen one curve like that, it’s very interesting. I love looking at your work.

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