Shopping down the bunny trail…

Easter is this Sunday!

With all of the crazy weather we’ve had in the past week, it seems hard to believe that this coming Sunday is the day that represents the full-on break-out-your-gardening-gloves arrival of Spring. I sure hope the Easter Bunny is bringing us some consistent weather this year! Are you ready for the big Bunny’s visit?

The Easter Bunny is believed to have originated in the Southwestern area of today’s Germany. The tradition of Easter Bunny visits was brought to the US by the Pennsylvanian Dutch community in the 1700’s.

Easter postcard, 1907 Image courtesy of Wikipedia

In case the calendar has caught you off guard or your name isn’t Martha and you haven’t been weaving your own Easter basket ribbon since St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve pulled together some bunny shopping finds.

All of the pics below are linked directly to their stores. For last-minute shopping ease, most of these stores are probably close to your home, but the stores that aren’t have great shipping reliability. Better find your hippity hoppitty, Easter is on it’s way!

Salt & Pepper shakers

Small bunny topiary

Vintage Bunny dinnerware

Modern rabbit wall clock

"Bunny Hop" game

Sisal bunny

Decorative pillow

Bunny sundial

Classic print by J.J. Audubon

Set of 3 "No Evil" rabbits

"Brer Rabbitt" wallpaper

Felt bunny placemats

Table lamp

Set of 3 German paper eggs

(You’ll notice I didn’t offer links you to any candy. I’m not taking responsibility for those Cadbury creme eggs you are already eyeing “for the kids”.) Do you have any favorite bunny items in your home? What is the best thing the Easter Bunny ever brought you?

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  1. I love that first bunny picture! Very cute.

    I don’t know if I’d be able to put up bunny wallpaper in time for Easter, but my nieces and nephews will love that bunny hop game. Thanks for the great find!

  2. Easter is special every year when I get out my colletion of wooden Easter bunnies!

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