Every day is still not today.

Image courtesy of NASA

You probably already know today is Earth Day.

You can always tell Earth Day is coming up on the calendar because all of the tv networks get all warm and fuzzy about ecology. Green logos sprout from everywhere. PSAs show up, featuring stars you just watched cruising LA in their SUVs on TMZ. The rest of the year, the tv networks are on to other more fashionable causes. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Here is an example of the US government reminding us to be more “green”:

Image (not to scale) courtesy of the United States Postal Service

These stamps just came out this month, just in time for guess-what-day. You can buy them in your US Post Office now. Now, you know I’m a true fan of stamps as art, but I can’t help but notice that none of the above stamps says “Save trees and energy by paying your bills electronically.”

So, what have we confirmed (because, in our hearts, we really already knew this)? We can’t rely on businesses to do the real work on this issue. They all have their own agendas. It is up to us, friends. And sometimes, it seems like an insurmountable task.

Deforestation in progress

As I was thinking about this, I looked at those green stamps. Is there anyone in 2011’s America that doesn’t know they should recycle? What we need is a list of practical new tips that can be accomplished once and hold their eco-friendly value. Tips that can be done quickly…in under 10 minutes.

Challenge accepted!

Twice a month, I’ll post a new idea for Green Living for real life. Quick, mostly cheap things you can do that will make a difference. I’ll do the research and pass it on to you. I’m gonna keep it real and let you know some things we do in our home, too. (There are already some examples here and here.)

How many 10 minute projects would you be willing to do to make your home life better for the planet and better for your conscience? How many over the span of a year? If you try only half of my ideas, you will have made 12 changes toward a better home by the next time Earth Day rolls around.

We’ll start this series next week with an alternative idea for some Spring cleaning and “up-cycling”. I’ll leave you today with a PSA from a real eco-warrior:

“What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” ~Henry David Thoreau

Do you have a green tip for real life?  Share it in the comments section for everyone to see. All solutions are welcome!

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  1. That’s a good point about the stamps. I heard the Post Office says that it’s one of the biggest recyclers in the nation, because of all of the junk mail the recycle. Too bad they can’t recycle more of it before they deliver it to my house. Happy Earth Day.

  2. Go Mother Earth! We need to do all we can to insure our future. I’ll be looking for your tips.

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