The Perfect Guest Room, part 2

Here are the last easy how-to steps for making the Perfect Guest Room. If you missed the first part of the post, “The Basics”, you can read it right here.

Today’s list is the honest what and why of all “The Bonuses” that make your guest room easy to maintain and a step above the usual spare room fittings.  As you read this list, you may not think all of them are necessary, but just think how glad you would be to find these options when you needed them.

As I mentioned earlier, none of these tips are hard or expensive to do. You can implement them a little at a time, as your budget allows, toward a perfect end product. Most of the tips just require a little planning and organization. Once you set up a great guest room, it almost takes care of itself.

The Bonuses

Easy Maintenance

  • Store the guest towels in the guest bedroom.  Stack them, neatly folded, in the closet, a drawer or some kind of closed container.  When guests are on their way, all you have to do it place them on the bed.
  • After each guest leaves, wash the guest bed linens and guest towels immediately, then follow the above note for the towels and remake the bed so it is ready for the next guest. The bed is now ready for any unexpected company. No more digging around for the guest sheets when what you really need to do is vacuum the family room before your guest arrives in 10 minutes.

  • Once everything is in place for the next guest, whoever they might be, dust sheet the whole room. Just use old sheets and channel your inner Victorian parlor maid. Cover the bed, the dresser, the nightstand with lamps and any other pieces of furniture. Sound silly? You won’t have to dust this room before anyone else shows up. Just put away the old sheets and vacuum!
  • Extra points for rubbing a few fabric softener sheets across the clean pillowcases when you take off the dust sheets, before the guests arrive. Ah! Fresh linens! (I won’t tell if you won’t.)
Room Perks
  • Place a small tray or decorative platter on the nightstand or dresser. Men empty the change from their pockets and women take off their jewelry at night. This tray corrals everything safely and keeps people from searching for lost things under the bed (where your abandoned yoga mat is hibernating).
  • TV.  A small tv is all that is needed, if you want to include it. Just make sure the batteries in the remote are good.
  • Picture this scenario: Your cellphone dies just as you are going to sleep. You have the charger, but where is an outlet in this room? Do I unplug the lamp or the alarm clock? Where do these cords even run to? A free outlet that is visible is always a plus for cellphones, hair dryers, etc.
  • A tabletop or ceiling fan is always helpful for those who prefer to sleep with a cooler room or could use some extra white noise.

  • A small iron and ironing board are really useful and saves your guests having to sheepishly ask if they can use yours, wherever it lives. Any travel iron you take on your own trips can be used here at home.
  • Robes are often the first items jettisoned when travelers are trying to fit the stuff-they-really-need into one bag. A clean, fluffy robe on the back of the door or in the guest closet is very welcoming. If you happened to have an “extra” one from a great hotel (I know you have NO idea what I’m talking about) this is a great place to use it.
  • A small chair is lovely, but only if you truly have the room for it. Don’t try to throw one in just for the idea of it. You could also use a bench at the foot of the bed, if you have room.

Guest Perks

  • Small water glasses and a carafe of fresh water are a very nice touch for any guest. Many people like to take a glass of water to bed, especially if they need to take any medication.
  • In the bathroom the guests will be using, keep an easily accessible, basic collection of First Aid items. Band-aids, Neosporin, cough drops, thermometer, Tylenol, Imodium, etc. Think of the worst thing you would want to have to ask a host for and try to stock it for your guests.
  • Toiletry items. Sometimes 3 fl.oz just isn’t enough. Visit your drugstore travel bottle section and choose neutral, fragrance-free items. Lotion and sunscreen are also a great help. Put all of these small items in a small open container and leave them out in the guest room. (You can dust sheet right over these, too!)

  • A few candy treats and some good pretzels can be very nice for arriving guests. They can use them in their room if they are peckish or pack them for outings they are taking in your area. Just make sure you buy them in individual sizes and keep them all together in an open container on a visible surface. (Dust sheet over these, too? Yep!)
  • Maps and local area sightseeing brochures are great conversation starters, especially if your guests are visiting for the first time. Your local Chamber of Commerce has a wall of brochures up for anyone to shop. Take a few home for your guests.
  • Last, but not least, is reading material. This can be anything you think your guests might like: local area magazines, current news magazines, that great paperback you just finished reading, some beautiful coffee table books, guide books to area museums…use your imagination here.

And that is it! Whew!

Were any of these ideas eye-openers for you? Do you have any additional suggestions? What is most annoying thing you ever forgot to pack for a trip?

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All of the items pictured today are linked to their pages on Amazon. I do believe that Amazon is magical and can be the source for almost anything you can ever need. (I say “almost” because I am still hoping to add “house-trained puppies” and “time travel” onto my “Wish List”. I’ll keep you posted…)

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  1. I took your advice from the first guest room post. I was able to get it a little spruced up in time for my mother to visit for a few days. She noticed the changes right away. She never had the heart to tell me that she always felt like she was sleeping in my office instead of in a guest room.

    Wait till she finds an “extra” robe and a bench at the end of the bed.

    We’ll see about the dust covers. I’m in here everyday, so dusting isn’t that much of a big deal for me.

    Thanks for all the tips.

  2. The Victorians knew something we have forgotten didn’t they! Dust Sheet everything in that room that doesn’t get used often!
    Loved all the ideas!

  3. One thing we do with our guest room is try to keep it a cat-free zone. Nobody wants our pets’ fur all over their bedding and clothing, and having a refuge helps take a little of the edge off for allergy sufferers. Occasionally the crafty felines do manage to slip in…another good use for dust sheets! I will definitely be implementing those.

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