This is for the birds

Behind-the-scenes blog confession: I often struggle with insomnia. Some nights, no matter how I try, a good sleep is just not in the cards. On those nights, I get up and work quietly, writing blog posts to share with you.

Something very odd happens in my neighborhood at 2 am. The birds wake up and start singing. Then, they go back to bed around 3 am. It happens every night I am up at this hour, typing away. I have no idea which birds wake up or why this happens, but I do appreciate the company. I’ve actually started to use their choral work as a try-to-get-some-sleep-now reminder.

Nightingales actually sing louder in urban areas to compensate for the increased noise. Is this who I am hearing?

Thinking about this as I went to bed (again) the other night, I wondered how many bird watchers would be able to truly identify the birds I am hearing at night. I discovered that a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service study in 2006 found that 20% of the American population identified themselves as bird watchers. Wow! Did you know that? I sure didn’t.

With that in mind, and in tribute to my late night flock of friends, I thought I would share some great bird-love decor finds. There are plenty out there to choose from and now I know why. Spring is here, warm weather is beckoning you outside and there is no time like the present to enjoy the beautiful songs and colors of your local bird community. Apparently, a lot of you already know this!

For Your Well-Feathered Nest

  1. This wall decal is one of many varieties available, all of which can be customized by size and color.
  2. This bold throw pillow is available by itself or as part of a larger bed linen set by the trendsetting Dwell Studio.
  3. Who’s a pretty bird? You are! And you leave nothing behind to clean up!
  4. I love this bluebird night-light. No wonder they symbolize happiness.
  5. This classic ring catcher would look beautiful on any woman’s dresser.
  6. This elegant little teapot is almost too pretty to use. Almost.
  7. This set of glass bird-and-flower coasters are just calling for a tall glass of lemonade.
  8. I would want to fill the space between these bookends with books containing bird motifs. To Kill a Mockingbird, Birdsong, The Maltese Falcon…
  9. A cheerful doormat with birds to welcome your muddy bird watching shoes and boots, if you can bear to scuff it up.
Mother’s Day is coming up. Do you have a gift for your Mama bird? Maybe you had better look at that pretty bird decor again.

I can’t let this post end with out a shout out to the talented artists at Google. This past Tuesday, April 26th, was the 226th birthday of the artist John James Audubon. He taught the world to appreciate the beauty of North American birds. Google marked his birthday with this very classy tribute in their logo:

Do you have a favorite bird? Are you a bird watcher? What is the most beautiful bird you have ever seen around your home?

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  1. I love the throw pillow and the teapot!

    My grandmother used to chirp at cardinals in the back yard. As a child it was magic to see. The birds didn’t fly away and seemed to understand what they were saying. Now whenever I see a cardinal, it always reminds me of her.

  2. I’ve noticed the early bird chirping too — 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am…
    I can’t tell if this is normal for them, or some sign of something of the natural order we’ve altered in wake of lighting up the night.

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