How to get a thank you note

We all know the best way to give gifts is to give something personal. (Personal meaning “thoughtful”, not “icky and inappropriate”.) This is one of my favorite gifts to give:

This is the “Felicity” album, by one of my all-time favorite photo and frame catalogs: Exposures. (You can link to their catalog here or directly to these albums here or by clicking on the picture above.)

Have you ever known anyone to say, “Oh, no. Not another photo album!”? Me, neither. The Felicity  album is only $30, on sale right now, and includes 1 line of FREE personalization. And, as you can see, it comes in 3 sizes and 17 (!) different colors.

I mention these Felicity albums now because we are almost to June, which is still the #1 month for weddings. This is a perfect gift for those couples who only register for a few household things, or for a couple to whom you want to give a more personal gift.

Just to prove how great they are, and that I practice what I preach (keeping it real, friends), here is one of our own Felicity albums:

This is their classic 3-ring album. We bought this album right after we got married. It’s just our own simple way to lovingly remember how we celebrate each anniversary.

We are already sheepishly saying things like, “Um…what did we do for our 3rd  anniversary again?” So, this album should be a real help when we get closer to 40 years of marriage. (Some of you might have noticed, I also use this album to use up scrapbook paper left over from this project.)

I like the quality details of this album, like the silver lettering and that the inside of the albums are lined with a beautiful cream fabric…

…and that you can customize all the pages of the 3-ring binder to hold exactly what you need them to hold. Each album holds 40 pages and they have all kinds of photo pages and pockets available. You can buy the pages, at a very decent price, here. My favorite, basic pages for any album are these:

I like that the cream paper matches the fabric album lining and that the plastic cover on each page really wraps around the card stock and pictures.

What other occasions, besides weddings, could you give this album for? Here a few ideas:

  • New Baby – Allow families to make their own baby book or grandparent books to share.
  • Mother’s Day  or Father’s Day – This would make a great gift for a new parent to help them remember all of their future special days.
  • Graduations – Send a new college student off with a great album in their school colors or college grad off with an album for their new life.
  • Great Vacations – Make a new one each year and really enjoy all those fun photos and quirky mementos.
  • Retirement Party – A beautiful way for a new retiree to show off pictures, cards, certificates, etc. from their special party.
  • Christmas – Use an album to gather all of your Christmas card pictures and gifts-under-the-tree photos in one, elegant place.

Putting a little extra thought and planning into a gift for a special occasion is always rewarding when you see the smile of the face of the gift recipient. Writing you a thank you note will easy for them because you have given such a personal, memorable gift.

I hope this helps you with any future gift-giving occasions in your life! When we find a great idea or a real bargain, it is always fun to share with friends. Now it’s your turn. Do you have a fabulous go-to gift you like to give? How could you use this album in your home? Do you remember writing a thank you note for a particularly lovely gift? Leave a comment!

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  1. Do you use the albums with the sticky paper? I heard that was really bad for your pictures, but I haven’t found the time to re-do my albums. Is it true, or am I okay to leave them?

    • That is a great question, Rhonda!
      I DO NOT use the old sticky paper that came with old albums. The glue of the page actually eats the photo paper! I should do a post about the best solution for everyone’s old albums soon! Thanks for the idea!

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