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Memorial Day is just around the corner. Do you have any plans for the long weekend? This giveaway might just be the inspiration you need to host a fun get-together. I’m giving away a free copy of The Field Guide to Cocktails, by Rob Chirico.

Cocktails have made a real comeback in the past few years. This gem of a book includes over 293 of the classic recipes, plus dozens more variations to play around with, as the mood strikes you.

It will also teach you how to stock a great bar, use the correct cocktail glasses, the best seasons to enjoy each recipe, even the history and traditions of each drink. (All of the great stories actually make this book decent bedtime reading, too.) I love all of the color photos to see if we’ve made the drink correctly!

If you are the lucky person who wins this giveaway, the book will be delivered to your home in time for you to break it in over the Memorial Day weekend. The great size of this book will make it easy to take with you to the liquor store to make sure you haven’t missed anything on your list.

Try a brand new cocktail or make a big batch of a favorite mix for your friends and family!

To Enter:  Leave a comment that begins with “I’LL DRINK TO THAT!” and tell me what your favorite cocktail is and when you discovered it’s delicious-ness. Only one entry per email address will be allowed, so that everyone gets a fair chance of winning.

Enter By:  Monday, May 23, 2011 at 10pm EST

Number of winners: Only 1, so enter now!

The Winner:  Will be selected at random from the total number of comments by using random.org and will be announced in next Tuesday’s post.

Want more giveaways? I already have some things in mind for the future, but you can also tell me about the kinds of thing you would like to win when you enter your comment.

What are you waiting for? Enter your comment now!


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  1. Nancy Zydell

    I’ll drink to that! I’ll drink to just about anything. I like to try new cocktails but my first and still my go to fav is the sloe gin fizz.

  2. Trina R. Lee

    This is a great book, my friend always try new and exciting drinks out of this book. I always try and sneak it out of her house but I always get caught. lol

  3. I’ll drink to that! Hmmm….who can pick one favorite drink? Not me, for sure. But for now I’ll say a whiskey sour. I think I discovered them when a friend asked me what I wanted to drink at a party, and I told him to surprise me. I was pleasantly surprised.

  4. DIane Longbons

    I’LL DRINK TO THAT! I like to try new things, but can’t forget about the Hurricane from Mardi Gras!!

  5. I’LL DRINK TO THAT! I’m a big fan of Bourbon and coke. I’ve tried to make mint juleps, but they’ve never turned out quite right. I toured the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretta, KY. Unlike some breweries that allow you a half hour at the end of the tour to “sample” the product for free, in KY you have to purchase your souvenir bottle. But they do let you wax your own bottle. An interesting tour and an interesting evening following…

  6. I’LL DRINK TO THAT! I like G & T’s. This looks like a cool giveaway.

  7. I’LL DRINK TO THAT! My favorite is strawberry daiquiri. I’d love to learn how to make one from scratch. I look forward to winning!

  8. Mine’s any drink where you put a shot of something into a beer. I’LL DRINK TO THAT!

  9. ILL DRINK TO THAT! wonderful! I am clueless at mixing drinks; this would be great! my favorite is a screwdriver! sorry to mess this up

  10. Karen Bailey

    I’LL DRINK TO THAT! It’s a toss up between a good tall gin and tonic and a dirty bloody mary. Out of loyalty I have to vote for gin and tonic! My first G&T I have to confess was from my Mom and Dad at a very fancy party they threw when I was way way way too young to be drinking gin! (It probably had about a teaspoon of gin in it, now that I think about it…) Nevertheless, I felt VERY grown up and the drink still makes me feel sophisticated….. MMMM MMM! My favorite gin is Tanqueray’s Rangpur Lime infused…. good enough to drink neat, and that’s saying something for gin! Love your new blog C! And I’m not just sucking up to get the prize… actually I don’t really want a book on making cocktails. I’m more of a creative free-form home bartender. I recently came up with the “marteenie-weenie” which is a shot glass swirled with vermouth, your choice of gin or vodka and a toothpick full of capers, a little caper juice if you like it dirty. And I do!!!

    • What a clever cocktail idea, Karen! I can really picture someone serving a whole tray of “Martini-Weenies” to a crowd at a great party. Wish we lived closer so I could try some of your other cocktail creations. Thanks for liking the blog! Its always nice to have the support of old friends! Cheers!

  11. I love mixing, drinking, and drinking!!!

  12. I’LL DRINK TO THAT! OK, let’s play! I’m always looking for new cocktail ideas and coming up with original creations as well. A fun one was the Fizzy Fairy–we had no water chilled for Absinthe, so we did the louche with carbonated mineral water. Crisp and light!

    My favorite mixed drink is my aunt’s margarita recipe. She uses one shot of Rose’s lime juice, two shots of orange liqueur (prefers Grand Marnier and Cointreau, but Triple-Sec does in a pinch) and two shots of añejo tequila. Serve on the rocks in a salt-rimmed glass with a lime wedge. Preferably with some fresh salsa and homemade tortilla chips or frybread. Ahh, how long until Friday?

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