Junk in your trunk

Got a little weekend project to share with you! It only takes 10 minutes, or less.

So, what’s the project?

Clean out your car.

Specifically, the trunk. Do you really need all of the stuff in there to go anywhere? Really? I know we all throw things in there to deal with later, but “later” has arrived. Wanna know how I can tell? Take a look at this:

Image courtesy of blogspan.org

All that extra junk in your trunk is making your car less efficient and wasting gasoline. An extra 100 lbs of full-car-trunk will increase your gasoline needs by 2%.

What does this mean in real numbers? Suppose you spend only $50 per week on gas. (Lucky you.) Two per cent of that is $52 a year…more of your money into the large pockets of big oil.

I’m only one weekend ahead of you on this project. Here’s my trunk as proof:

It is now freshly vacuumed and holds only the necessities:

  • Recycled bags for grocery shopping…more on those soon
  • A small, cheap cotton area rug…for catching any grocery spills and for impromptu outdoor seating
  • A plastic box containing: a basic first aid kit & car-emergency tools

Who among us has never had days where they felt like they practically lived in their car? Why not make it a nice and thrifty place to live on those days, just like our homes? A cleaner car is a more efficient car. The planet thanks you for the consideration!

Image courtesy of cheapgasblog.com

Got more than 10 minutes?

Tackle a few extra car money-saver jobs. Listed below are ideas and some links to help you do them. (As always, check the owners manual of your own car first and use caution!)

  • Check your tire pressure (why & how-to link here)
  • Refill your windshield wiper fluids
  • Change your wiper blades
  • Check your air filter (why & how-to link here)
  • Check your oil (why & how-to link here)
  • Dust and vacuum the car cabin
  • Wash all of that leftover salt and new pollen off your car

Image courtesy of greencar.com

Want some more solutions toward our Greener Living challenge. You can read more about this plan here or at the link in the menu bar at the top of the page. How do you Spring-clean your car? Any additional suggestions to recommend? Leave a comment!

PS  Did you know that car “trunks” are called “boots”in the United Kingdom? If you’re reading this blog from the UK, please mentally replace this post’s title with “Boot-y-licious”.

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