A picture perfect deal

Just a short post today so those of you reading this while goofing off…er…”taking a break”… at work have some browsing time.

Two of my favorite things are at the core of this post:

  1. Enjoying your own photographs in your home
  2. A giant whopper of a sale

Allow me to introduce you to one of my very favorite stores:

Exposures offers amazing photo albums, frames, and photo related gifts. I have bought beautiful items from them for years (as I mentioned in this post) and I am a HUGE fan of their catalog. I mean, I actually squeal when this catalog arrives in the mail. Mr. CARO would verify this for you, but he often prefers to avert his eyes when I am this excited over a catalog. What can I say? He’s a gentleman.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I’m bringing this to your attention today because there is a BIG annual sale going on today. Okay, okay. “How big of a sale?”, you ask. Check this out:

I know!

FYI: I’m not getting any kickbacks or moolah for promoting their site or products. I just like sharing a great deal on items I do use and love. You’re welcome to send me sales you like to explore, too.

All of the pictures in today’s post are courtesy of, and linked directly to, the exposuresonline.com website to make further browsing easy. Here, in random order, are a few of their great deals:

Archive-Friendly Box Storage

They have sturdy, acid boxes for every size of document or photo you could ever want to preserve. And they have them in dozens of colors. I recommend a nice neutral color, because you can move them around the house and they won’t clash with things in another room. (I speak from unfortunate personal experience here.)

I like these colors, but you should browse around to find what you like. They have nice patterned boxes, too.

Elegant Christmas Photo Cards

They have gorgeous, custom-looking Christmas cards with foil lined envelopes that are just waiting for you to pop in picture and address. I know it seems early for Christmas cards, but a bargain is a bargain. The cards all come in packs of 18 and with the sale, some of the cards average out at 44¢ a card.

I like this set because I’m a big fan of snow. I love a White Christmas.

Creative Photo Gifts

Sometimes you want to think outside of the box for a gift and a new way to show off a great photo can be a lovely solution. They have lots of cool options to choose from in several categories.

I can imagine this would be a real hit with grandparents!

Beautiful Photo Albums

Of course, photo albums! Wouldn’t it be nice to get all of your photos in one place and have that place not be the computer? I own lots of albums from this company. You will not be disappointed with their quality or their customer service. (And isn’t that a refreshing find these days?!)

This is great 12×12 inch album for all of those oversized images, like class pictures and big family reunion portraits. For $20, it even comes with a free line of personalization on the front.

Find something you like? Let me know what you like on their site. How do you store photos in your home? Leave a comment!

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  1. Okay those mugs are kind of cool. I know the technology has been out for a while, but I really like them. Thanks for the great gift idea.

  2. One of my long-term plans is to incorporate more photos into our daily living – on the walls, at the desks, at shelves. What a list of so many other fun photo ideas!

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