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There’s nothing like the start of summer and enjoying being outdoors to help us realize how much stuff we have lying around our homes that we’re not using. It’s that time of year when you start to see these pop up in your neighborhood:

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How do we accumulate all this stuff? Does everyone have this problem? I think may people do. In fact, I think so many people do that a lot of other people have come to see the market potential in helping them.

Here’s the answer:

Wait. I’m not suggesting you ignore the problem and drown yourself in past seasons of “Damages”. (Although, who can turn away from that show?!) No.

I mean that the concept of Netflix, movies rented by mail, is available for many other things in our lives. You know how that little red envelope makes you smile when you see in you mail? Part of the reason you smile is because you know you are saving money. (I know. We do it, too!)

So if you could find places that took the Netflix idea and used it for other things, you could save money and clutter. Sound good?

Listed below are 5 sources you can use right now. All the pictures are linked directly to the sites.


Too obvious? How much do you pay in cable bills every month? Consider their plans and Roku player streaming options as a way to save money over the summer? Plans start at just $8 a month. If you’re new to Netflix, check into their current free trials.


This site delivers new toys to your door every month. They have over 500 toys to choose from and they arrive at your house having been throughly sanitized to meet EPA guidelines. Shipping is always free. Plans begin at only $25 a month and they even offer a free 14 day trial period.


Guess what they do. You remember that ripped off feeling when you went to sell back your books at the end of each term? That scam is going the way of those Ramen noodles you abandoned after graduation. They have millions of new and used books you can rent and they cover the shipping costs to return them. They average 60% savings over college sponsored book stores.


This is as close to Netflix as any of these companies gets, but they’ve even improved on the idea. 7,000+ video game titles, free shipping, no late fees and plans start at $16. Plus: There is a “Keep” feature that lets you buy a great rental game that you don’t want to return. There is also a rewards program where gamers can earn discounts on future purchases. Win-win, so to speak.


You saw them mentioned in the Sex and the City movie. (The first movie, let’s agree outright to ignore the existence of the second one.) Get your Hollywood Superstar on here with rentals of bags, sunglasses, jewelry and watches. They offer free shipping, basic insurance, loyalty rewards and purchasing options. You even have access to some private sales. Shop like your last name is Kardashian.

So what do you think? Find some better clutter solutions here? Maybe a few wallet friendly treats, too? These are only the companies I know about now. Think what will be available in the next 5 or 10 years. Yaaaaaay Netflix! Here’s to fewer garage sales!

Are you having a garage sale this summer? Do you prefer an individual sale or a multi-neighbor sale? What are you always clearing out in your home? Leave a comment!

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  1. I’ve been a Netflix member for year, but I’ve never heard of Toygaroo. I will definitely give their 14-day trial a try. I have two boys. Their 2 and 6 now, but I have a feeling Gamefly may be in their future. Great finds!

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