We’re gonna need better luggage.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Don’t you find the first workday after a holiday weekend to be one of the hardest mornings to get out of bed? There’s a part of you that still wishes you had “just one more day…”  I hear ya!

Today’s post is a little bit of real estate gawking and a little bit of vacation daydreaming. We all like to peek into other peoples homes and see how they live. Why not see how other people vacation, too?

Listed below are my current favorite (and very different) fantasy vacation places to be. If only I had the trust fund needed to visit them all. The photos are linked for you so you can jump right to the full catalog listings of amazing places to take a fantasy vacation of your very own.

Ooh La La

Did you know France hosts more tourists annually than any other country in the world? Oh, France, you had me at “croissant”, but this little villa rental would be delightful, too!

This rental sleeps 12? Well, I’m sure I can find a few friends to share toasts with us during cocktail hour. Anyone know where we Cannes see a movie later?

Then, we can all take a nice dip in the pool before breakfast…

Old World Luxury

Need a little pampering on your vacation? Maybe you want a little more hotel and lot less cooking your own meals. Czech out the beautiful city of Prague for some world-class old-world charm.

This suite would be perfect for recovering from a hard day of shopping and site-seeing. Did I mention you can book full line of spa service to come to your room?

Doesn’t the bed look inviting? You don’t even have to make it up in the morning. Dinner on the terrace? I’d be delighted!

Chill Out

Want to wake up to some bluer skys? The air up here in Zermatt will have you wishing you never had to leave this cosy chalet.

There’s room for your friends and family to join you, too. How many Swiss cheese fondue recipes are there? Let’s find out!

You can even come back here in the winter, when you need some snow to brighten your holiday season.  This is my idea of a perfect white Christmas!

Warm Your Soul

The old saying is, “No man is an island”, but you can really put that theory to the test. You can rent this island – the whole thing – for your next vacation. Why not practice selling sea shells on the sea shore of the Seychelles?

No need to reserve and mark your beach towel space on this beach. It’s all yours. And so is the view and the relaxing ambience…

Time for bed? Let those cool seas breezes help you drift away. Nighty night!

Now it’s your turn:

Need some more browsing in your work day? I love to pretend shop for house floor plans. You can read all about that in this post (with fun links) right here.

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  1. The view from the cozy couch in the Swiss Chalet is just too inviting. I’d love to be there right now instead of this heat.

  2. It was really difficult to get up today. I’d love to get away. These all look like great places to escape.

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