Problem Solver: Emergency Soup

Is there anything more annoying than a summer cold?

I could probably think of some things, now that I think about it…but that is not really where I’m going with this today. No. Today I’m going to offer a little appeasement to the cold & fever gods so that we may all be protected for the summer.

I call this idea “Emergency Soup”. It seems like a really simple concept. So simple that once you understand it you might be thinking, “Well, I think she could have written about something more interesting than that for today!”

Let me assure you, you will only think that because you are feeling fine as you read this.

Here’s the concept:

  1. Go to your grocery store and find the soup aisle.
  2. Pick out the soup you prefer when you are sick.
  3. Buy several cans of said chosen soup.
  4. Store (hide!) those cans of soup at the back of your cabinet/pantry and do not use them, under any conditions, unless you are sick.

It does seem so simple, doesn’t it? I can’t tell you how many years it took me to figure out the brilliance of this plan when I was a workaholic single 20-something. But once I had experienced the joy of discovering the Emergency Soup, JUST when I NEEDED it most, there was no way back.

I defended my Emergency Soup from kitchen pillaging roommates, my husband’s random snacking tendencies and recipes requiring more chicken broth than I had remembered to buy. The Emergency Soup had my back whenever I

  • was sick
  • felt like I might be getting sick
  • made a highly questionable late night meal choice because I was in my 20’s

and Emergency Soup can be there for you.

Whenever someone wakes up to sinus pain and an important meeting on the same day, it will be there. Whenever a spouse can’t run to the store because “the game” is starting, it will be there. Wherever a child vomits in their bed at 2am but insists on chocolate pudding for lunch at noon, Emergency Soup WILL BE THERE!

Seriously, though. Pick up a few cans of soup on your next grocery trip and sock them away, out of the everyday reaches of your family. When you really need it, you, too, will exclaim:

“Emergency Soup to the rescue!”

Then you can write a comment on this post that starts with, “I LOVE Emergency Soup!” Or you can leave a comment now, if you like. Go, now. And stay healthy this summer, my friends!

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  1. I gotta say, I don’t really like canned soup. Like, at all. I make a lot of homemade soup at our house, so we frequently have leftovers or even some frozen leftovers. However, if there’s none available and I’m too under the weather to make any, we always have ramen which is our emergency soup. Often, my husband drizzles in a beaten egg for a simple egg drop soup that is very satisfying and soothing. Just a thought, for anyone like me who’s anti-can.

  2. I love the idea of homemade soup, but I’m not married, so there’s no one to cook it for me when I’m sick. I also haven’t been able to look at Ramen noodles since college. I love this idea because when I’m sick, soup from a can can’t hurt.

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