Going to great lengths

Here is my #1 tip for making your bathroom feel bigger:

Change your shower curtain.

No, really. But not just to any old new shower curtain. You want an extra-long shower curtain. Did you know those were available? Most clients are shocked when I suggest such a thing.

Who did decide that 72 inches would be the standard length of all shower curtains? I’m guessing it was someone who lived in a time when we were all a little shorter.

Image courtesy of ioffer.com

But back to my tip…

Buy an extra long shower curtain and hang it as high as you can with the bottom hem just grazing the floor. These extra long curtains are 84 or 96 inches long. You can even find them in 108 inch length varieties, for those of you with very high ceilings of claw foot tubs. There are plenty of curtain liners available to match these sizes, too.

If your curtain reaches the ceiling and the bottom edge of the fabric puddles a little on the floor, you may need to hem it a tiny bit. Don’t risk tripping as you step out of the bath! (Those of you with real sewing skills could even consider making your own shower curtains. You can pick from any fabric you like!)

Image courtesy of The Container Store

After you have hung your XL curtain, leave the bathroom for a few minutes, then come back in. The room will feel taller! You see, the long uniform lines of the fabric draw the eye up. They give the illusion that there is more height in the room because you are used to (really used to) seeing a shower curtain at a certain height. (This is the same principle used by all of those shoe designers producing “nude” colored heels.)

Give it try in your home. You’ll be amazed at the difference! Pictured below (and linked to their sources) are some great examples of XL shower curtains out now, but it won’t be too hard for you to find them in stores near you, either.

This is the kind we have in our home. Simple, waffle-patterned, white cotton. It feels very spa-like.

This model is called "Hitchcock", which made me laugh.

Have a great tip of your own for bathroom savvy decor? Leave a comment for everyone to see!

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  1. My hall bath is only used for tub baths so I took the shower doors out. It is so much more spacious and I am not fussing with a curtain to bathe my babies. When they are old enough to take showers I will get one of these extra long curtains. Thanks!

  2. I love the l curtain with the leaf pattern. It will be like an extra tall tree is sprouting out of the tub. I’m ordering one right now!

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