Orange you glad I wrote this

With summer’s arrival, many of us feel the urge to refresh our homes for the warmer weather. Whether you need to fling open the windows and let the warmer air in or appreciate your air conditioning a little more while the sun bakes outside, everyone can bring a great pop of color to their homes.

I’m talking about orange.

Mmmm...Spring Grove orange soda pop in the summer. One of our favorites!

See how you can almost taste those sodas? There is just nothing like orange in the summer. It’s a very flavorful and sensual color.

Orange is also a great summer accent color in our homes because it marries so well with so many other colors. It is wonderful for adding some energy and freshness to any neutral color scheme, which so many of us have in our homes.

You don’t have to add a lot of orange to make it really count in a room. This makes it a very practical color for seasonal decorating on a budget. You can bring a some summer “zing” to your rooms for not a lot of moolah.

Listed and linked below, I’ve gathered a few of the many great options out there for adding just a few pops of orange around your home in easy decorate-now-and-change-out-later themes.


It is amazing how a simple change of pattern and color can refresh our most used living spaces. Pillows are a great solution for easy, comfortable seasonal decor because they are so easy to store and rearrange around a home.

  1. With a silhouette of tropical flowers, this linen pillow is a way to bring tropical climate style into you room.
  2. This casual shaggy pillow is 100% cotton and mixes well with any other summer colors you use in your decor.
  3. The classic cabana stripes of this pillow would look great on both ends of any sofa in a neutral color.
  4. Bring a little Mediterranean pattern to you home with this brightly colored throw pillow.
  5. If you prefer a more modern style, this velvet textured pillow brings in the orange warmth in a mod pattern.
  6. The subtle cream and white pebble pattern on this pillow makes it easy to mix in with any decor style.
  7. This stackable floor pillow with its many stripes of orange would be handy for movie or board game night or any other types of gamers.

Plants & Flowers

It’s summer and things are growing outside! Did you know orange flowers symbolize energy, happiness, creativity, confidence, passion and confidence? Why not bring a few happy vibes into your home with some fresh flowers or blooming plants?

  1. The Orange Lily, which is believed to have been growing on our little planet for over 3,000 years.
  2. The Begonia plant comes in over 1,500 species, many of which include broad leafy foliage surrounding the flowers.
  3. This pretty orange floral bouquet comes with a re-usable orange glass vase, perfect for a summer party centerpiece.
  4. Strelitzia, also known as “Bird of Paradise”, is native to South Africa and can really be a dynamic accent to any room.
  5. You only need a few stems of Gerber Daisies for colorful pop of nature with modern decor.

Decorative Accents

By adding just a few pops of color in with your other mementos and decor items, you can rev up your usual look. There are so many choices of items available, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

  1. This frame gives you great place for your best vacation photo and a place to write “Gone out for more ice cream!”
  2. Bring the fresh scent of oranges into your home with this aromatic votive candle, which burns for up to 32 hours.
  3. Add some spice with this kicky tablecloth and matching napkin set, perfect for dressing up your table for entertaining.
  4. Dress up your coffee table for summer by topping it with this large and affordable lacquer tray.
  5. Add a little sparkle to your bookcase or home office with this charming glass globe. It would make a stylish paperweight.
  6. These handy baskets come in three sizes and can catch everything from your vacation brochures to your sunscreen.
  7. This cheery Fiesta pottery vase is perfect for showing off the flowers of the summer season.

Do you have any orange items in your home decor right now? What other colors do you crave in the warmer months? Leave a comment and share your ideas with others!

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  1. I love the tablecloth. It’s so beautiful and festive. I love the mix of colors. I’m planning a “beach party” later this summer and I have been missing a little color in my party supplies. Thank you for the great suggestions!

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