Mood Board: Fight-the-white kitchen

This room was designed using the DIY Design Service for a client facing a common color problem. She was moving into a great rental apartment with a newly remodeled, all white kitchen, which she could not, under any circumstances, paint. What could she do? The kitchen had a very nice galley plan, but was a little short on some storage space.  She also really wanted an inviting space to eat breakfast in and that she could cook in with a friend or two…

The client really likes to cook. She often has a friend or two over to try new recipes with her. Based on how the room would be used, the rug for the white tile kitchen floor needed to be willing to take a lot of wear and be easy to clean. We chose this indoor/outdoor rug full of deep saturated colors the client loves to really ground the floor.

Next, we used a classic renter’s trick for kitchen cabinets. We carefully removed and stored the owner’s kitchen cabinet hardware. These pieces will have to go back up when the client moves out. Then we added some beautiful antique-looking glass knobs wherever hardware was needed. These little aqua gems really function like jewelry in the room by being the sparkle you notice when you walk in the room. The client can also take them with her when she moves and use them again later.

Lighting was not a problem in this room, thanks to new track lighting and some well placed under-cabinet lights for the counter. The large window offered an opportunity for off-setting the white walls. Using a large print pattern, the curtain panels were hung from floor to ceiling to allow for a full drape of bold color.

More storage was needed to accommodate the client’s collection of cookbooks and a few larger appliances that took up too much room on the counter top. The book shelf we squeezed in echoes the warm brown tone of the rug and the antique feel of her new cabinet hardware. Most importantly, this bookcase can also be moved and used in any room the client may live in later.

Seating was next on the list of needs for this room. The kitchen had room for a small bistro set. Instead we chose this bold orange bench that seats two facing into the kitchen without having to move it around like you would chairs. The crisp teal pedestal table is handy for breakfast in the morning and can be moved and used for food prep tasks when there are extra cooks around.

The striped kitchen towels were hung on a towel bar directly over the sink, which helped add more color the walls between the countertop and the white cabinets. The large yellow bee canister, now re-purposed as a cookie jar, adds a pop of color and texture to the sleek white counters. The large wood bowl echoes the warm wood of the bookcase and becomes a home for natural fruit in all their beautiful colors.

The large Mucha print was an easy choice because the client loves the artist We framed it in a bold teal blue to be a great pick-me-up to enjoy with her breakfasts. Many of the lively colors in the print are already in her kitchen. This print will give the client some inspiration and direction for future colorful finds to add to her kitchen.

Bold colors combine in this kitchen to make its the white surfaces feel like a clean accent. Using older patterns and furnishing profiles allow this room to feel well-loved and welcoming to future guests.

Unique, affordable, comfortable living.

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  1. Great solutions! I love paint, but I’ve been in places where you couldn’t paint and couldn’t even nail into the wall. The drawer pull thing is a nice touch. I’m so glad that I can paint now. It has such an effect on my mood at home everyday. Fight the white kitchen!

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