For the ones with the Most-ess

With July 4th just around the corner, many people are gearing up for some fun holiday parties and other big events, like family reunions, class reunions and trips to visit farther-away friends. What should you give to thank your hostess for her invitation?

While everyone agrees that wine and flowers are always a great hostess gift, sometimes you want to find something a little different. I’ve pulled together a little mood board full of charming and affordable hostess gifts available now at the most well-shopped stores across the US.

It can be hard to worry about hostess gifts when you are trying to remember the ketchup, hamburger buns AND ice cream for your next trip to the grocery store. You can pick up these hostess gifts easily because you are probably going to be near one of these stores anyway.

  1. Mandarin orange scented candle ($15, available at Target) Nothing says summer like the fresh smell of citrus.
  2. Elephant teapot ($16, available at Pier 1) This cute little guy is dishwasher/microwave safe and would even look great on a bookcase.
  3. Small buttons decorative bowl ($9, available at Pier 1) This would be a lovely place for fruit or potpourri on any table.
  4. Colorful ceramic vase ($10, available at Target) This darling little vase is perfect as a cheery pop of color in any room.
  5. Aquarius Scrapbook 23-oz. stemless glasses ($10 each, available at Bed Bath & Beyond) So many people brings wine as a gift. Why not bring a beautiful set of glasses to enjoy with the wine?
  6. Set of 4 monogrammed coasters ($10, available at Bed Bath & Beyond) These personalized coasters would go with any host’s home decor.
  7. Champagne lace jeweled frame ($20, available at Pier 1) Give your hosts a place for great pictures of their get-togethers with this timeless frame.
  8. Hammered silver scent diffuser (available at Wal-Mart) This elegant scent diffuser is a pretty way to show your hosts you appreciate their style.
  9. Origins of Expressions game ($25, available at Barnes & Noble) What’s better than giving a great board game as a gift? Being invited back to play it!

While you at it, you could pick up a few of things for hostess gifts you  may need later in the year, too. Why not plan ahead and save some rushing around later? You could even wrap and store hostess gifts for easy giving later, like I do with our Christmas presents.

And now that I’ve written this whole post, I realize I haven’t given credit to all the guys who act as “host”, rather than “hostess”. Very 1952-of-me, and not in a good way. A shout out to all the men who step up and open their homes to entertain their friends and loved ones. Hooray for the “Host with the Most”!

Do you have a favorite hostess/host gift to give? What is the nicest hostess/host gift you have ever received? Leave a comment and share your ideas to inspire others!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I am hosting a party this weekend and I would love to get the Origins of Expressions game, if any of my friends are reading. I love big group games at parties.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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