No watering required

I was backing up my computer the other day when I got the idea for today’s post. I just had a friend lose her hard drive and a lot (I mean: A LOT) of family photos. It’s sad to say this reminded me to back up my own computer, but it really did. I gratefully share my wake-up call with you all:

Please back-up your pictures!

I take a lot of pictures and even take the camera with me on errands, since you never know when inspiration may strike. As I was backing up my pictures, I came across one of my favorite little smile files. It consists of lots of images like this:

You know if you’ve ever looked at my client mood boards that I like to include nature items in every design. Natural materials and images in a space are very calming and comfortable. They really help turn a space into a home.

When I am out on my errands, I take close-up pictures of flowers wherever I find them in bloom. I just lean in or zoom in and snap away. This can be anything, from my neighbor’s roses…

…to a more exotic bloom from a historic garden greenhouse…

…to a perfect blossom on sale outside my grocery store.

Beautiful, right? Mother Nature sure does great work.

I save all of these floral pictures and use them on my computer as my screen background. This may seem like a really obvious idea. Many people already choose family or vacation photos for their desktop screens. However, flowers can be changed around more easily to fit your mood.

We have so much technology and wiring in our offices today that simple touches of real nature can do a lot for our spirit and lift our moods. Have you ever counted how many cords you have under your desk?  How many things have an “On” button in your work area?

If you don’t have a great view from your work desk or are too far away from a window, consider using your own floral pictures as a fresh touchstone to nature. Take a quiet moment during your workday to really study your picture. It can give you a greater sense of calm because you will be able to remember where and when it was taken.

This is the time of year when we take these flowers for granted. There are so many colors and varieties out now that we do not bother to stop (should I say it?) and smell the roses, or even really see them. When you find yourself in the months of the year that look more like this on the outside…

Image courtesy of

…think of how nice it would be to find these waiting at your desk every morning.

It’s almost like sending free flowers to your future self, with no watering or vase wrangling needed. I find great flowers in Spring, too. Here’s one of my favorites from my own street during Cherry Blossom season. I just got under the tree on a sunny day and looked up.

You can mix up your images for the seasons, too. This is a favorite picture I use in December.

This species of poinsettia is called “Peppermint Twist”. I love them!

Now, some of you might be thinking, “What does all this have to do with Interior Design?” I’m glad you asked!

Great interior design strives to create beauty and comfort in your home. I think if you’ve read this post this far you’ll agree that flowers can be captivating. However, sometimes real living gets in our way of remembering things on the grocery list like fresh flowers. Sometime our budgets simply have other priorities. This does not mean we should live without nature’s beauty in our homes and work places. We can simply adapt to reflect our lifestyles. Pictures can be a great option. (Here’s a client mood board with a few examples.)

Here are a few other ways to adapt flower photos for use in your home:

  • Print and frame your pictures to create a lovely grouping on a wall or table (Learn how to hang them as a gallery wall right here.)
  • Place prints of your pictures under a glass-topped table or tray (like this one)
  • Print your pictures to use in photo frame note cards (like these)
  • Publish your photos as your own custom coffee table book (at sites like this one)
  • Send the pictures in emails with friends, co-workers and loved ones to help them brighten up their spaces

There really are endless ways to share and enjoy these pictures. Just get out there and take them while the weather is on our side! Look around your neighborhood. What have you been missing?

Do you have an interesting way to enjoy natural in your home? How do you bring a little nature into your space? Do you have a favorite flower you just can’t get enough of? Share your ideas with others in a comment below…

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