Bonus post: new USPS stamps for design fans

Remember when I talked about using US Postage stamps as collectible art for your home? (You can read about it in the original post right here.) Well, I had to share this new collection of home design item stamps with you:

These stamps celebrate the classics industrial American designs that we now take for granted in our homes. (How much do I love those art deco pitchers? More than I can tell you.) The back of the sheet has a small history of every item pictured and a little info about the designers.

The full sheet of these “Forever” stamps is only $5.28. How’s that for affordable art?! You can order your own sheet by clicking right here.

And while you’re at the USPS website…might I also recommend this little beauty?

The “Garden of Love” Forever stamps depict “a colorful mosaic of flora and fauna in a garden setting” with each stamp using a heart motif in a different way. Each block of ten of these stamps is only $4.40. You can order them by clicking right here. Consider framing them for a unique Anniversary gift, a wedding gift, a Valentine gift or just a lovely graphic collection of American art. (You can learn how to frame things inexpensively right here.)

Just so you know, I never get compensated for recommending USPS stamps as art (or for mentioning any other product on the blog). I just believe that every home should include beautiful, affordable art. Home is where the heart is, right?

See you tomorrow!

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