Mood Board: Stylish studio living room

This room was designed for client who had just finished her post-graduate degree and was starting a new job. She chose to keep her living arrangements small in a nice new studio apartment. This allowed her to prioritize her student loans and travel extensively for her new career. The client wanted a cozy studio living room with some office space and furniture that she could live with for years…

The room color represented above was predetermined for this project by the apartment building owners, who prefer that their tenants do not re-paint. Fortunately, this light creamy color works very well with light in the room, so we happily set to work giving this living room some personality.

The client really loves earth tones, but we wanted to keep the room looking somewhat eclectic so she add personal items and new decor finds easily. First, we chose long, rich chocolate drapery panels to flank the tall windows. We echoed the chocolate tone in the area rug, but also made sure we chose a patterned rug to clearly define our living room seating area visually from the rest of the studio.

The love seat and club chair have clean modern lines in a neutral gray fabric which could work in any combination of spaces. This neutrality allowed us to accessorize the seating with a variety of pillows and a cosy throw in the client’s favorite color. The small coffee table is just the right scale for the seating area we created.

The open bookshelf was used twice in the room. First, behind the small sofa as a sofa table with baskets for storage, books and decor. (The client works in the education industry, so the moss-covered apple was a must for good luck in her new job.) The second bookshelf was used as media shelf for her tv/dvr and books across from the sofa. These classic shelves can easily be repurposed if the client ever moves.

We chose this double function dresser/desk to give the client more storage and an office space the can be easily closed away when she is entertaining. The desk chair can also join the conversation circle as additional seating. A new painting of a beautiful landscape above the dresser adds a pop of color to the creamy walls.

The area and task lighting was needed for this room to function as both living room and office. We kept the lamps feeling light in the room by choosing two see-through glass lamps for the sofa table and two slim floor lamps near the club chair and desk. This smaller visual lamp profile helps keep the small room feeling spacious.

Warm earth tones and soft, cool blues combine to define a cozy room within a new studio apartment. By organizing furniture choices to serve the client’s multiple needs, this living room is now ready for new work and entertaining.

Unique, affordable, comfortable living.

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  1. I know how I felt setting up my first apartment after the furnished apartments and dormitories of school: great to have my own place. Good for your client to have you to help make it so cozy-looking. It just takes a small investment to have a well put together room and not a hodgepodge of leftover furniture and linens and make a place really comfortable and your own for the first time. Bravo.

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