Free monthly mood board: Dorm room to-go

The calendar has rolled over to a new month and it is time for me to offer another free mood board on Pinterest. This mood board comes with its pictures linked to all of the sources used in the design. It’s like getting a whole room professionally designed…for free!

Last month’s mood board was a beach nursery and this month’s mood board takes us to the other end of childhood. We are creeping up on back-to-school season, so I though I’d turn my hand to a girl’s dorm room. (I asked Mr. CARO if I should do a boy’s dorm room, but he assured me that teenage boys going off to college really do not care if their living spaces look pulled together.)

I have offered a few tried-and-true solutions to fight some common dorm issues, such as XL twin bed sizes and no-holes-in-the-walls policies. I also chose a lot of color for this dorm room, to keep it looking personal. The patterns I chose all embrace some use of white, which almost makes the institutional white walls look like a choice.

I have also included some practical must-haves for day-to-day living on campus, such as more book storage, closet organization, late night snack storage and the dreaded laundry. I’ve tried to choose products for this part of dorm life that are either inexpensive and/or could be used beyond college in a first apartment.

Even if you are not going off to college this Fall, you’ll find some pretty and helpful items on this mood board. There are also other mood boards with household favorites of mine to browse while you are visiting the Pinterest site. Just remember, this month’s free mood board with all of its links for easy shopping will be gone on September 1st!

Want to see the whole “Girl’s Dorm Room To Go” mood board now? You can check it out by clicking the Pinterest logo on the sidebar or the one right here:

Do you have an idea for a Pinterest Mood Board you’d like me to make? Leave it in a comment…you may inspire next month’s design!

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  1. My daughter is going off to college soon. We have some things and have coordinated with her roommate as to who is bringing what that they can share. I’ll show her this to see if we can make her room more of an ensemble piece.

    If you’re looking for ideas for your free mood boards, I’d love to know what to do with my daughter’s room now that she’s moved out. I was thinking of an exercise room or maybe an in-home studio for my massage table. I’m not sure if that’s too specific for you, but you did ask…

  2. Fall out door look for your porch or patio.

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