L-IKEA 2012

If you’re a fan like me, then the sight of what I’m about to show you may warm the little cockles of your heart. And you may even find a new piece of furniture named “KOKL” inside this…

The 2012 Ikea catalog is out! Does this suddenly make you crave Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam? If you live near an Ikea, you might want to swing by and check out the lovely new merchandise. If you are new to Ikea, here’s where you can find the nearest Ikea to you…just click the map below to get to their store locator.

Has anyone been to the new Centennial, Colorado Ikea? Rumor has it that it is TWICE the size of a regular Ikea in floor space. I’ve heard that from several Ikea employees here in Maryland and even those employees can’t picture how big that would be. Anyone have some CO shopping stories to dish with the rest of us?

I am very lucky to live near 3 Ikea stores, spread between 20 minute, 45 minute and 70 minute drives. My friend Nancy and I (Hi Nancy!) took her two little boys for a little shopping reconnaissance at the College Park, Maryland location earlier this week. Oh, it was fun to explore!

To share the Ikea shopping joy, I’ve made a couple of mood boards full of inspiration. All of the items on these mood boards come from Ikea. You can edit and configure them to fit your room however they would work best for you. Below each board, I’ve linked all of the items to their online catalog pages for easy browsing.

Dining room furnishing links:

Bedroom furnishing links:

Want to get more Ikea inspiration? You can pick up the new catalog in stores now or order one to be mailed directly to you by clicking right here!

Are you an Ikea fan? What store location do you shop at? What is your best Ikea purchase and where do you use it? Share the fun and leave a comment!

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  1. I love, love, love, love IKEA. It’s so funny that this was your blog today since the boys and I went to IKEA in Charlotte yesterday. It’s an hour and a half away and when I mentioned to the boys I’d like to go to IKEA they were thrilled. I think it’s the one store they like to go to. It may be the swedish meatballs that get them to go but whatever it takes. They are also running a special this month (for those with kids) FREE kids meals. My boys love the meatballs and eat them European style with the Lingonberry jam. You will have to ask for the jam because they don’t automatically come on the kids plate. Anyway, I didn’t need anything special but I love to look. It usually gives me good ideas. I love their plastic tubs for the boys rooms they keep their legos well and look nice too. I bought some glasses for the kitchen because the ones I had were all chipped. I also bought a clock for our spare room for $1.99. and some really nice new dish towels for $.79 each. I couldn’t have done any better at the dollar store for these. I also brough home some frozen meatballs, gravy and mashed potatos for $10.00 including a freezer bag and of course I had to buy some lingonberry jam. My hubby loves the meatballs too and he couldn’t go with us. It was a great day and a fun trip. Make sure you have several hours because it can take all day.

  2. HI! Love IKEA in Cincinnati OH. One of my recent favorite finds was a small bag of rocks for many purposes. You can find the bags in the plant department. I bought three and wish I had bought more. Next time……..

  3. I just love walking through all of the different home setups as floor samples. It feels like you’re walking through other people’s kitchens and living rooms. It’s like playing house for grownups, then you get to make your own choices if you see something that works for you. I love it!

  4. confession: I have never been to an IKEA in the United States. I hear they’re exactly the same as in Europe. Maybe some day…

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