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Through my design work with clients, I have framed many, many pictures and photos. Hundreds. And I really love doing it.  I am a firm believer that art in the home is a big part of what can make every home feel very personal. Seeing the happy face of a client when their favorite things are displayed proudly is a truly rewarding perk of my job.

That said, I’m a woman who likes to find a good deal and framing can get expensive. If you need a custom mat or a non-standard sized frame, it can add up to a big price tag quickly. The source I’m sharing with you today is one of my all-time go-to favorites for making all of my art framing projects more affordable.

If you’re wondering if this is a big old advertisement, it’s not. I never get paid to recommend products, which you can read more about right here. I discovered this company when we were framing our wedding pictures years ago and I have been a huge fan and customer ever since.

Frames By Mail offers hundreds of frames to choose from, including over 700 styles of wood frames alone. They keep the costs down on their custom frames by shipping them in easy-to-assemble pieces with great assembly instructions. All you need to put them together is a screwdriver. (Don’t let a tiny DIY element intimidate you, you can save A LOT of money with Frames By Mail!)

Custom Framing

To start your custom framing order, you just choose a frame type…

…then choose the frame details, like your custom size:

 The next step is choosing your frame backing (I always go for acid free to protect the art) and the frame front:

Frames By Mail does not use glass finishes, which helps keep their costs down. I use Plexi all the time and you can’t tell the difference on a wall. If you really want glass, you can always order the frame and matting here and just have a piece of glass custom cut locally.

The next step is picking your matting, if you want one:

As you can see, there are plenty of custom mat options. I love that as you are designing your frame online, the website keeps a running tally of your costs visible, which can really help you stay on budget.

Individual Services

Beyond the custom framing, you can also just order what you need. If you just need a custom mat, I highly recommend their great “Mat Designer”, which really gives you control and instant images of what your mat will look like.

If you just need frame hardware, they have this covered, too. You can find all kinds of hanging hardware in their “Supplies”. (This is where I get my craft paper in bulk for gallery wall installations, like the one I showed you right here.)

Other Products

I also want to show you some of the other things Frames By Mail offers. All of these services and products are easy to link to in their website menu bar. The easiest way to frame your pictures is their “Print and Frame” shop. You just upload your photo from your computer, Facebook or Flickr, then choose your frame.

They also have a great selection of ready-made frames in standard sizes. I like to check out their Clearance section for great deals on these, too.

I am a big fan of their printing on canvas. You can upload your own image, choose the canvas size and then choose how you want to finish the canvas: colored edge, gallery wrap, framed, etc. They walk you though it, step-by-step, and explain each option.

If you are a fan of architecture, you might like their “Frame Your Name” service. You just type in the name you want to use…

…and they match it to their architectural letters library to spell it out. You can alter each letter individually, too, to make it more your style.

Choose your frame and mat and you are done. These make great gifts for people in the hard-to-buy-for category of our lives.

Speaking of gifts, you might want to consider their “Make It Motivational” framing ideas. You upload your picture add your text (or choose from their library of ideas) and the image is saved in that recognizable motivational poster format.

Be inspiring or be really silly. If you’ve ever flipped through a Skymall catalog and thought “I could write something better than that…”, now is your chance! And of course, Frames By Mail offer gift cards, in any denomination. The hardest choice may be deciding which way to spend it!

So, those are the things I love about Frames By Mail. Lots of beautiful framing options, original art ideas and great savings. I hope this helps you with your framing projects as much as it has helped me with mine!

Want more ideas for adding art to your home? You can explore all of my ideas and solutions for art right here. There are more posts planned for this topic, too, so be sure to stop by again.

Now it’s you turn to share: What have you always wanted to frame? What is the most awkward thing you have ever framed? Have you ever received a great framed gift? Share your stories and leave a comment!

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  1. This is actually perfect. I’ve been looking for an affordable way to frame an odd-sized sampler. It’s been sitting in a roll in the closet for two years. Now hopefully I can get a frame for less than what the local framing place was going to charge me.

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