The magic cookbook

I have a little organization idea to share with you from my own home. I’d love to be able to tell you it comes from a Martha-like moment of both beauty and creativity, but I can’t. It really comes from years of wrestling foil and plastic wrap back into a drawer that has too many outdated take-out menus in it already.

And, lo! Inspiration struck:

“What is a ‘Magic Cookbook’?”, you may well ask.

It is a magical book of savory delights and cuisines from faraway lands. As you turn through its pages, you mouth waters at its every list of delicious foods. And the most magical part: By dialing a phone number on one of these savory pages, this food will be prepared for you to enjoy in your home. It may even *gasp* be delivered to directly your door.

You with me? The inside of this magic cookbook looks like this:

We love to cook, (check out some great recipes right here), but there are nights when we bow to the masters of other world cuisines to sate our cravings. We love food from Mexico, Spain, India, Thailand, China…almost any place that requires our passport to visit. (I did mean “almost”. After much open-mindedness, Ethiopian food is very literally off the table for us forever.)

However, all of this fabulous cooking is exactly what filled up our foil-and-other-stuff drawer in the kitchen. So, I made myself a cute little binder cover sheet on plain cardstock. You can download and print  my cover as a pdf right here if you like it, too. Then, I was off to Staples, where I picked up one of these:

This book is $4.29. (Click on the picture for the link.)

Next, I cleaned out our menus and slid one menu into every pocket of the presentation book. Done.

Now our take-out menus co-habit the shelf with our big cookbooks and we can find them all easily when we need them. And the foil drawer closes without either of us almost losing a finger.

Could this little idea help you at your house? It can’t solve the too-many-leftover-duck-sauce-packets-in-the-fridge issue, but I try to help where I can! Now dish with me: What is your favorite type of take-out food? Leave a comment and make the rest of us hungry for lunch…

Psssst! If you’re looking for the Toolbox giveaway results, the winner will be announced in a separate post this afternoon. Be sure to stop back by to see if it’s you!

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  1. Yes, what you describe as the “foil and other stuff” drawer is filling up with take-out menus under the category of “other stuff”. A nice binder would help the organization, especially if there are coupons involve. I always find pizza deal coupons after we’ve ordered pizza. I love a good pizza.

  2. Wow! I love the idea of a Magic Cookbook. I have had our take-out menus in the drawer or in an expandable file in the closet for years. Even the expandable file has too many other file pockets that I have to plod through. I’m on this!

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