Don’t just pick “b”

Thought we could use a little fun today, so I’ve scoured the internet for some fun design style quizzes. These design style quizzes are supposed to help you understand your own personal interior design style based on the choices you make in the quiz. You can take these quizzes as many times as you like and get different results.

I have taken all of these quizzes, as you’ll see below. Sometime they get it right and other times, not so much. Think of them as design style fortune cookies: sweet and fun, but may have nothing to do with real life.   Play around a little and see what you can come up with…

Ethan Allen’s “What’s My Style” quiz

This quiz is based on your choices of just 5 pictures, which might be design related or might not. You just have to “click the image that grabs you first”. I don’t know how they can make any real conclusions from such a short quiz. The first time I answered, I got:

Hmmm. It seems a little formal for some of my tastes. The next time I answered, I was given completely different images, but tended to choose along the same lines as the first quiz and I got:

Maybe little too frilly for me, but interesting to see how there was such a big change in the results.  What style did you get?

The next quiz is:

The Better Homes & Gardens Design Quiz

This quiz is much more detailed, including lots of actual design images of things like houses and paint palettes. The one catch is that they ask you for your name and email address at the end, although you could leave any old email address you wanted, even a made up one… just sayin’. My results from the quiz were:

Ummm, kinda. Although, I’m not huge fan of stucco walls or rustic finishes for our home. We tend to be a little more finished in our tastes. What results did you get?

Next quiz:

The HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz

This quiz was designed by Deborah Needleman, founding editor of the sadly-now-defunct Domino magazine. It focuses on your lifestyle, with and without pictures to see what you would pick in different scenarios. My results were:

Such a different result from the previous quizzes.  “Earthy” and “Modern” are not words I would ever chose to describe my personal style. I totally agree with the organizing part of this description, though, so they got that part of me perfectly. However, I do like ornamentation on furnishings. Also, I only like about half of the color choices, some of them just feel too orange for me. What answer did you get?

This last quiz is just what it sounds like it is. Just click the picture above to get to the quiz.

All of the Pottery Barn paints used in this 12 question quiz are discontinued, so the names really won’t feel familiar if you just got the latest PB catalog. I loved this quiz, even though I only got 80% correct. (The shame…) It just goes to show you that paint names can be interpreted to mean anything, so you shouldn’t ever get hung up on a name.

Are you now craving ice cream, like me? Did any quiz define your design style perfectly? Did any of them get it so wrong you laughed out loud? I’ve shared my fun answers, now it’s your turn! Leave a comment!

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  1. I got Elegance, Country French, Bohemian Modern, and 7 out of 12 correct on the Pottery Barn or Ben & Jerry’s quiz (58%).

    I don’t eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because I’m lactose intolerant, so I’m a little rusty on the names.

    I don’t mind “Elegance”, but I wouldn’t consider myself country anything or Bohemian for that matter. I did like the color palette they suggested for Bohemian, though: navy, purple, lavender, aqua. They go well with my tastes. I guess that makes me Bohemian.

  2. Ethan Allen figured my signature lifestyle is “Explorer”, a feeling of relaxed eclecticism and world travel. Home Goods came up with “Glamorous Classic”, employing rich materials and one-of-a-kind objects, w/happy home colors in warm reds. I didn’t do the one that wanted an email address. Pretty close, I’d say! 7 of 12 on the paint quiz.

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