Redefining “thumb drive”

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I am so glad to be back with you, friendly readers! Thank you for all of your kind words and notes. My thumb is very happy to be back at it’s space bar on the keyboard. Now, where do we begin to catch up?

How have you finished up your summer? We finished ours with a great closet clean-out, which I love to do as we begin every Fall. I love a good clean-out and there is something very satisfying for me about a tidy space. It’s like it creates room for your next adventure or activity. However, I’m never quite so detailed in my tidy-ing as this:

Isn’t that silly in a fun way? Click here to read more about this fun artist. The pool picture is my favorite! I love these pictures and I am now on the hunt to find his other photography books. Has anyone else out there read them?

While my thumb was on it’s un-scheduled vacation, I also had plenty of time to surf around the tv at night. (Note to self: before injuring the thumb on your dominate hand again, build more practical skills with your other thumb, like using the tv remote…and buttoning your jeans.)

While I was (pitifully) trying to change the channels, I stumbled across two of my  favorite tv stars:

Image courtesy of

Leigh & Leslie Keno of Antiques Roadshow fame! Did you know they have a new tv show on Fox? It airs on Wednesday nights (check your local listings for the exact times) and it’s called:

Image courtesy of

The Keno brothers visit homes and help people find money in long-ago-stored/inherited/forgotten family treasures. The money is then used to help the owners begin the next important chapter of their lives. Along the way, the Keno brothers teach little bits of design history and identifying characteristics in what they find.

Can you see why I love this show? It’s cleaning-out on a grand scale, with Design Vocabulary and appraisal fun rolled right into it. My little hardworking thumb has never been so happy to get more practice using the remote!

And I have to share the episodes with you! You can watch them all as they become available right here. It is very satisfying tv, even when I admit to my own design-loving bias!

So, what else is going on? Are you ready for Fall? I have been planning all sorts of fun posts for the upcoming season. Fall is my very favorite season of the year. I love the cooler weather, the beautiful colors in nature and all of the holiday occasions that dot the coming months’ calendar pages (including my birthday and our wedding anniversary). I’m so glad to be back in the swing of things so I can enjoy it all and share with you!

I love it when Mother Nature becomes a bit of a show-off.

What are you looking forward to this Fall? Leave me comment. I could really use the conversation after such a long break!

Another fun post will be up tomorrow and there is a Greener Living Challenge giveaway coming later this week, so be sure to stop back by!

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  1. Welcome back.

    I love the Keno brothers. I always think I can tell them apart, but then they change blazers and I’m lost again. Both very talented, though.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better

    • Janice, I struggle to tell them apart, too! I love their style but I sometimes want to give them “Hello! My name is …” stickers for their blazers!
      Glad I’m not alone!!!!!

  2. Good to see you back. You don’t think of how important your thumb is until you lose the use of it for a while.
    I love fall too. It’s as if the world is catching its breath after the heat of the summer.

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