Coffee not included

Whenever I work with clients, using either my local design services or my online design services, I always make sure we look at how the room we’re working on is really used. It will probably come as no surprise to you that the most lived in room of most houses is the family room, or whatever room is near to kitchen and houses the largest tv in the home.

In my experience, that hardest working piece of furniture in that hardest working room is not the sofa. The sofa is generally used just one way, for sitting or lounging. The hardest working piece of furniture in a family room is the coffee table. Does that surprise you?

Image courtesy of Room and Board

Coffee tables often substitute for all sorts of flat surfaces homes. It can serve as:

  • A place to keep magazines and the tv remotes
  • A causal dining table in front of the tv
  • A counter to serve snacks from
  • A desk to do homework
  • A substitute ottoman to put your feet up on
  • A surface to fold laundry on
  • A desk to write bills
  • A play surface for games and toys
  • A shelf to display personal mementos
  • A table which helps keep things from your pet
  • Storage for household items: games, books, blankets, pillows, etc.

Oddly enough, using a coffee table for serving coffee rarely makes the list of duties for the average coffee table these days. So, what if you could find a coffee table that could serve more of those varied needs, beyond being just a flat surface?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “The Pop-Up Coffee Table”:

Does that blow your mind? I find many of my clients have never heard of this lovely concept and cannot live without it once they do. The “lift top” of this type of coffee table creates a perfect desk, dinner surface, homework spot and gaming table, while also allowing you to really get at your storage space in the table…without having to stand on your head.

There are lots of models available in many stores to match any decor or room style. You just have to ask for look for “pop-up coffee tables” or “lift-top coffee tables”. Here are a just few examples:

All of the coffee table images in this post, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy of As with all furniture purchases, I urge you to look for good construction and sturdy hardware for a smart choice that will live well in your home for many years.

What do you think of this type of coffee table? Could you use one in your home? Did you have something to add to my list of ways people use their coffee tables? Do you use your coffee table for coffee? Leave a comment!

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  1. Cool! I want one!

    I love the one with the drawer in the actual pop-up top. Because sometimes you just need an extra little drawer.

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