Pinterest: Go for Baroque Powder Room

It is the beginning of a new month, which means it is time for a new FREE monthly mood board on Pinterest. I’ve created a whole room design and linked every item to it’s retail source to make shopping easy for you. It’s a full room design by a professional interior designer for FREE. What’s the catch? It’s only on Pinterest for one month. On November 1, the whole thing is gone and a brand new board goes up online.

This month’s mood board is for a powder room. I’m calling it the “Go for Baroque Powder Room” because I’ve chosen iconic silhouettes from one of the most bold art movements in history. The first thing I like to do in a small room is add a little sparkle, which always makes a room feel luxurious. You can see the sparkle elements I’ve chosen in the lighting and accessories.

 Little rooms, like powder rooms, can feel larger when you use bold and big pattern. This can be a great opportunity to break out you favorite bold color and explore a busier wallpaper than you would consider for the rest of the rooms in your home.

While big patterns and bold color can add a lot to any small space, you also want choose only one or two colors so that the room does not have too many focal points. For this room, I’ve chosen a black and white palette with silver detailing and a couple or real pops of peacock blue. Using the blue on the ceiling is also a great way to give the room more height, because it naturally draws the eye up.

So, how can you see this new mood board? Well, you can click on the Pinterest button below or on the sidebar, which looks just like this:

While you are on the CARO Interiors Pinterest site, you can browse around and look at some of the other boards I’ve created showing beautiful things for the home. Or you can jump directly to the “Go for Baroque Powder Room” by clicking right here.

Could your powder room use an upgrade? Do you like Baroque patterns? Do you have an idea for a future Pinterest FREE monthly mood board? Leave comment and I might use your idea for inspiration next month!

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  1. Great mood board! I like all of the frilly, yet not-too-feminine details. My powder room could definitely use a spruce-up, but I would probably go for brighter colors.

    • Just be sure to only choose a few more subtle colors, too, Madison! (You can see a lot of white and even some grey in the Baroque wallpaper.) This way your bright colors will really stand out.

  2. I have a narrow foyer and an adjoining hallway in my condo that needs a little color. Could you make a mood board for that?

    My style is very modern. I like streamline, clean things.

    I don’t mean to impose on your design services, but you did ask for suggestions. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. I love this room! I really love the big wall paper. I’ve never been able to figure out how to use it. Thanks for the ideas!

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