October is my favorite month of the year and I love that it ends with parties, costumes and a little silliness for all ages. And lots of candy.

That’s right. I said it. You are all thinking it, whether you steal…oh, excuse me…”safety check” Halloween candy from your own kids or try to look like every piece you scarf down at the office is your very first one. We should all just own it. The candy part is fun!

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I also like the wicked decorations. There is something nice about seeing adults get into the spirit of a holiday, any holiday really, by putting up all the fun pieces around their home and offices. Do you decorate for Halloween?

I’ve noticed that some favorite catalogs getting in on the Halloween decor more and more over the past few years. There are some very nice, creative and ghoulishly wonderful items for the home out there now, so I thought I’d share a few lovely sources I have found.

Art & Artifact

This is always a lovely catalog to browse. I have bought accessories for client’s from this catalog and everything is as beautiful and well crafted as it looks on the page. Their Halloween items look great. Here are a two of my (linked!) favorites:

There is something very “Brother’s Grimm” to me about these metal jack-o-lanterns. Maybe it is the hammered metal finishes or their older, worn orange color. I just like them, especially since they nest together for easy storage later.

I also love these little jingle pumpkin lanterns. You can buy the vase, the lit branches and the jingle lanterns separately, if you want the whole look in the picture above. I love the idea of these little bells moving in the wind as trick-or-treaters approach your front door.

Grandin Road

Another great accessories and small furnishing catalog that makes me smile when it arrives. I have bought several of their Christmas decor items for clients and now it looks like their Halloween decor is really expanding. Pictured below are a few of my favorites and again, I’ve linked the pictures right to the items for easy exploring.

This “Spider double window poster” is only $12, which is about the same cost as one of those super-big bags of Halloween candy you can buy at party stores. They have a vampire version of this item, too, which is lots of fun. You just trim the poster to fit your windows and bring on the creepy music!

Martha Stewart has done some designing for this catalog, as you can see by her “animated snake wreath” pictured above. This wreath moves and makes noise (which you can hear on the online catalog page) as people approach it. I would love to put this on the front door when hosting a Halloween party!


This catalog, which has some store front locations, is a great source for modern and transitional furnishings and accessories. Their Halloween items have a touch of glam and chic-ness that I don’t see many other places. My (linked!) favorites:

These creepy hands could be great, just mingled in with your regular decor. They would certainly make me look twice. I like the shiny metal finish that almost looks robotic, yet still oddly Victorian. Plus, they are actually rather lightweight and only cost $20.

Why have just black candles when you can have a bunch of black skulls burning at your party? I love the classic simplicity of these and the slick black color makes them almost too pretty to use. Zgallerie also sells a large, single version of these candles, but I like this six-pack for $13.

Victorian Trading Co.

This is truly one of my favorite catalogs. I love their Halloween items and I really love their Christmas items. There is just something lovely and old school about their product that makes them feel decadent, without a decadent price tag. If you like the look of their website, I urge you to sign up for their catalogs. They have great sales! Here are a my (linked!) choices for Halloween:

The image on this decoupaged wood centerpiece is taken from an antique nursery rhyme book. I love the wicked cats who are clearly up to no good. At only $25, I think this is a steal. Wouldn’t this look great on a mantle, too?

You know I like a good postcard as an art source. It would be so easy to choose your favorites from this selection of 3o postcards and frame them as spooky wall or table decor, just like I showed you right here and right here. Did I mention these are only $10? Such a deal!

Do you decorate for Halloween in your home? What is the best decoration you have ever seen at a Halloween party? Are you looking forward to the candy part of Halloween? I am already craving some candy corn! Leave a comments and we can all get in on the ghostly spirit of things!

Did you see yesterday’s giveaway announcement? Don’t forget to enter to win!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, whether you are celebrating Columbus Day on the US or Thanksgiving in Canada. I’ll be celebrating my birthday this weekend and I hope you have something fun planned, too.

See you on Tuesday!

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  1. I love carving pumpkins. Even though it’s messy and if you leave them a little too long it can get a little funky, I love carving designs free-hand or using patterns. It just means Halloween to me.

  2. My little munchkins love dressing up for Halloween. This year it’s between Darth Vader (because of a certain recent commercial) and Green Lantern.

    I’m in it for the fun….and the candy.

  3. we don’t decorate our home during Halloween. But we have Halloween party with my cousins wherein kids dress up in costumes. Do trick or treat in the neighborhood. btw, I like the “animated snake wreath” above, reminds me of medusa =)

    Advance happy birthday!

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