Orange you glad I wrote this, 2

Several months ago, I wrote a post about using the color orange as a great seasonal color for decorating your home in Spring and Summer. (You can read that original post right here.) This was a very popular post with all of you readers. So, with the change of the seasons, I thought I would share some more ideas with you. Think of this as my own version of “give the people what they want”.

Orange might seem like an obvious choice for Fall. It is often right outside your window, in the leaves and sunsets of each day. But let me give you a much more personal reason I use it in my home: I cannot wear orange.

I am very fair-skinned, as is Mr. CARO, so there is no orange clothing hanging in our closets. Zero. Zilch. Nada. This is why I love using orange as an accent decor color in our home. I never get tired of it because it doesn’t exist too regularly anywhere in the rest of our lives. You can do this, too.

"Oranges On A Branch" by Winslow Homer, 1885 Image courtesy of

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m certainly not suggesting you fill a room or paint your walls in a color that is not flattering to your own skin tone. Just consider using an off-limits-wardrobe-color as a colorful pop. You can use the “less is more” theory and mix the color, as a highlight of sorts, into your existing decor.

Do you have a difficult color when it comes to your wardrobe? Are you a redhead who can’t wear red easily? Are yellows unwelcome in your closet? Does cream make you look like a ghost? Everyone has at least one color like this in their lives. You can use it to your advantage in your home.

We’ll use me as a guinea pig today and run with orange, which is very easy to find in stores during the Fall. If I wanted to add some orange to the decor of my rooms, here are some of the great, affordable options I could use today:

There’s a little something for everyone here: modern, traditional, eclectic, global, minimalist and retro. I’ve used a neutral grey background for this mood board so you can all see how different shades of orange can really pop. For your (window) shopping pleasure, I’ve also linked all the items on the mood board to their retailer pages online below.

  1. Tree Orange & Olive pillow
  2. Red & Orange Mosiac filled candles
  3. Copper & Rust Weave table runner
  4. Marimekko Biloba queen sheet set
  5. Safavieh Courtyard II area rug
  6. Ceramic vase
  7. KASSETT magazine files

Does orange feel like a more approachable color for your home? Is there anything you saw on this mood board that is going on your “must-have” list? What other colors seem less-than-approachable to use in your home? Leave a comment and I’ll tackle them in a future post!

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  1. I “must have” the mosaic candles. Great find!

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