No braces required

We’re talking today about dental molds.

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Wait. That’s not quite right.

Same root word, but rather different meanings.

We’re talking today about “dentil molding”, which looks like this:

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Can you see the similarities between those two pictures? They both have orderly rows of square (or square-like) silhouettes that stand out from the backing they are attached to, giving them some depth.

Like the decorative molding we discussed last week, you can find dentil molding in all sorts of places that need a decorative trim or detail. Here’s a great example of dentil molding dressing up an architectural facade:

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Here’s an example of dentil molding dressing up some cabinetry:

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Here it is again, combined with some egg and dart molding, decorating an elaborate mantle:

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Can you see the dentil line right up at the top of the carved rows? Dentil molding is a very popular motif because it can be used with very traditional styles, like the mantle above, and more modern decor. You can find it in some rather prominent places that you may not have even noticed before now, like on this famous residence:

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Think you can spot dentil molding when you see it now? Do you have some dentil molding in your home? What other motifs are in your home that you need to identify? Leave a comment describing them for me and we’ll discuss them in a future post!

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  1. I love the classical style on building exteriors. It brings a touch of class.

    We used to have some dental molding around the fireplace in my childhood home. Newer houses haven’t had that detail and I miss it.

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