Better brown-bagging: free giveaway winner!

Did you enter to win this week’s giveaway?

We’ve been talking about saving money on our lunches and drinking water in a more healthy way. This week’s giveaway winner is going to receive a gift that makes both of these objectives even easier.

They’ll get two 32 oz. BPA-free water bottles and two insulated lunch bags so they can carry their lunches with style and savings.

And this week’s winner is…Dana D.!

Dana’s favorite leftover lunches are turkey sandwiches from Thanksgiving, Chinese food or cold meatloaf sandwiches. I’ve never tried a cold meatloaf sandwich and now I’m intrigued!  Congratulations, Dana! I’ll be sending you an email soon so you can let me know where you would like your gift shipped.

There weren’t lot of entries for this week’s giveaway, which I’m hoping means so many of you are already taking advantage of tasty leftovers for lunch. If you did enter and didn’t win, don’t worry. There is another giveaway coming in just two weeks! (Hint: It can be a real help for you in the kitchen, especially on Turkey Day!) Be sure to check back and enter to win!

Can you help me spread the word about these free giveaways, too? Feel free to share any and all links to the blog with your friends, talk about them on Facebook and Tweet the heck out of them. The more entries I get, the better the prizes can be!

Have an idea for a great giveaway you’d like to win? Leave a comment for me!

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  1. I am SO EXCITED!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Congrats to Dana!

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