New Pinterest Mood Board: Reader Request

It is the beginning of a new month, which means it is time for a new FREE monthly mood board on Pinterest. I’ve created a whole room design and linked every item to it’s retail source to make shopping easy for you. It’s a full room design by a professional interior designer for FREE. What’s the catch? It’s only on Pinterest for one month. When November is over, the whole thing is gone and a brand new board goes up online.

Based on my blog stats, these Pinterest mood boards are quite popular with all of you readers. This made it all the more enjoyable when when a reader named Marlene wrote in last month with an idea for this month’s free mood board. Marlene said:

I have a narrow foyer and an adjoining hallway in my condo that needs a little color. Could you make a mood board for that? My style is very modern. I like streamline, clean things.”

I sure can! This is exactly the type of project I like to develop for the free monthly mood boards. Thanks so much, Marlene. Your inspiration mood board is here! I hope the rest of you enjoy it, too.

This foyer/hallway combo starts with a warm gold wallpaper that unifies the foyer and hallway into one larger room. Lighting for smaller or narrow spaces is very important, so I’ve included ceiling fixtures and an inviting table lamp to vary the sources and levels of lighting according to Marlene’s needs.

Using the walls as a base texture, I’ve layered in additional textures in linear patterns to keep the clean, modern lines that Marlene likes. By using multiple metals finishes, I’ve also given Marlene some slight touches of glamour around the room. With warm tones and repeating patterns, these smaller rooms have bigger personalities, perfect for welcoming guest into a home.

So, how can you see this whole new mood board? Well, you can click on the Pinterest button below or on the sidebar, which looks just like this:

While you are on the CARO Interiors Pinterest site, you can browse around and look at some of the other boards I’ve created showing beautiful things for the home. Or you can jump directly to the “Modern, clean foyer and hallway” by clicking right here.

Want to see more mood boards?  You can check out the archive of my past client mood boards I’ve shared right here. Do you have an idea for a future Pinterest FREE monthly mood board? Just like Marlene, you can leave comment and I might use your idea for inspiration next month!

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  1. Oh my God! I love this room! I think that I might buy this wallpaper as a Christmas present to myself. I love that I can find all of the other items and get them on my own, too.

    Thanks so much for this! I may be back with another room idea later!

    • I’m so glad you like it, Marlene! I don’t know what kind of art or pictures you may like so I tried to give you a sophisticated neutral that could work with most things. I hope you enjoy that wallpaper. I love it, too!

      Anyone else out there have a room they could use some inspiration for? All ideas are welcome!

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