Three Christmases

Did anyone see the Reese Witherspoon movie “Four Christmases” a few years ago? It was not the fun romantic comedy we thought it would be. Which is a shame , because the casting offered so much potential. I love a good Christmas movie to get us in the spirit of the season!

The other thing that gets us in the holiday mood is Christmas music and putting out our holiday decor. I’m gonna cover movies and music in some other posts, but today, I have brought you some fun holiday decor. Pulled from all of my retail wanderings, I have gather together three mood boards of Christmas decor on Pinterest.

Just like every board on Pinterest, all of the items shown are linked directly to their retailers. Just click on the pictures to take you there! I hope you like what I’ve put together for your window shopping or gift buying pleasure.

Each mood board has a different style theme, so there should be a little something in there for everyone. I had a lot of fun building these, since it also allowed me to pretend shop for things I like. And for all of you readers that are already dealing with snow, I hope this warms you up a bit!

A Victorian Christmas

This mood board is everything old school about Christmas. Think Dickens. Think “The Night Before Christmas”. Think hot chocolate and mistletoe and the rich colors of antique gilded ornaments.

You can layer this style of Christmas decor as thick as you want it to be in your home. The Victorians’s were big fans of the “less is more” “more is more” theory, so you can even say you are being historically accurate. Throw another log on the fire, sing a carol or two, and pour yourself a glass of mulled wine. It’s Christmas!

A Nordic Christmas

This mood board takes it’s inspiration from the simplicity of Mother Nature’s colors at this time of year. Blankets of snow, wood decorations, and muted colors mix with the warmth of brandied eggnog, cosy sweaters and fresh pine boughs.

By using neutral colors and mostly natural finishes, this timeless decor style makes it easy to change up your colors from year to the next. You can add red accents everywhere this year, using ribbon, candles, fruit, flowers, etc. The next year, you could switch to a light blue color theme.

All of your Nordic decor will adapt and be useful for years to come. (Hint: This is exactly the same reason I always recommend good neutral sofas to clients!) Snuggle up with a warm blanket, savor some gingerbread and enjoy every snowflake that falls. Happy Yuletide!

A Mod Christmas

You may already know the theme music to this Christmas mood board. It swings and it scats ’cause, baby, it’s cold outside!  Ole St. Nick won’t mind if you jazz up his Christmas Eve by leaving him a cocktail with those cookies.

Shiny silvers, bright jingle bells and sleek surfaces come together to make this a new classic style. Warm up the winter weather with some lime greens and cherry reds. Keep the decor simple and focus on the fun you’ll have popping popcorn, filling stocking and dancing around you tree as you entertain this year. Bring on the bubbly and have a very happy New Year, too!

To The Mood Boards

Here you go! Just click on the picture below…

… and happy browsing!

Let me know if you  find a must-have treasure in those mood boards. Some of those treats are so affordable! What is your favorite decor item to put out at Christmas? Is there one thing that really says, “Christmas is here!” to you? Share your favorites in a comment!

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  1. I’m more of a traditional Christmas girl myself. I love that version of the Christmas Carol.

    I’m rather partial to the snowflake motif on the Nordic Christmas tall mug.

    It’s a really nice collection of Christmas goodies. Thanks for sharing!

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