Free giveaway: December decor

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

If you aren’t familiar with this holiday, you can read more about it right here.

In the spirit of giving gifts on December 6th, I’ve decided it is time for another free giveaway for my readers. Just my way of saying thank you, so much, for following the blog and reading all of my musings. Since there are two major holidays within a week of each other every December, I though that this giveaway should offer something fun for each of them.

We’ll start with this pretty little tree…

This red felt tree comes from Ikea, which has already sold out of them in all three of my local stores. Luckily, I spotted it when it first came out months ago and scooped one up for a reader to win.

Standing at a total height of 14 inches, with a 10 inch diameter, this tree is easy to place in any corner of your home that needs a little more Christmas. It comes packed flat and assembles easily by sliding one half of the tree into the notched base of the other half.

This also means that this tree stores very easily for the other eleven months of the year. I think this tree would also make a great holiday office decoration. It doesn’t take up much desk space, yet it brings lots of color and fun pattern to any room. Because it stores flat, it can be carried to work fight in you regular bag.

The second part of this giveaway was chosen to help you bring a little sparkle to your holidays. I’ve included 4 of the Crate and Barrel “Raj” votive candle holders to light up your Christmas.

With a silver exterior and a gold interior, these votive candle holders will mix well in any home’s decor. They can be used with a votive candle or a tea light. The detailed cut pattern adds textural interest to the warm candle light and has enough twinkle to last you right into the New Year and beyond.

Both of these prizes are boxed up and ready to go out to the giveaway winner. That could be you and they could be in your home next week! All you have to do to enter to win…

To Enter:  Leave a comment that begins with “Decorate me!” and tell me about your favorite Christmas ornament. Where does it comes from? Why do you love it? Or, tell me about the best New Year’s Eve celebration you have ever been to over the years? When was it? How did you celebrate?

Enter By:  Monday, December 13, 2011 at 10pm EST

Number of winners: Only 1!  And only one entry per email address will be allowed, so that everyone gets a fair chance of winning. I’ll ship this giveaway to anywhere in the world, so international entries are welcome!

The Winner:  Will be selected at random from the total number of comments by using and will be announced in a post next Tuesday.

Can you help me spread the word about this giveaway? Please share this blog post with your friends and family using any of the links below. The more entries I get for these free giveaways, the bigger I can make the prizes!

Thanks for reading today and helping me spread the word!

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  1. “Decorate me!” I love decorating this time of year, and have many ornaments and decorations that I adore: my “Santa tree” that is *only* my Santa/St. Nicholas/Father Christmas ornaments (I have many!), likewise my Santa/St. Nicholas/Father Christmas figurine collection, the wooden sleigh that my grandfather made, the felt wall hangings that were made by my grandmother and my mother before I was born, all of the other ornaments that we’ve collected over the years, and of course the ornments that my children have made. However, I believe my absolute favorite Christmas deorations are something that I didn’t even know still existed until last year, when my Mother found them packed away in her garage – the tiny Bakelite reindeer that were saved from MY childhood, because it was my job to set up the Santa & reindeer scene on the mantle every year and it means so much to be able to once again set them up each year.

  2. Decorate me! My favorite Christmas ornaments are the cheesy ones I made when I was little – like a reindeer from popsicle sticks! They’re silly, but cute.

  3. Decorate me! My favorite ornament is a “ceramic” santa dinosaur my son made for me when he was five. I loved when they were little and it brings back happy memories.

  4. Decorate me! I always thought bubble lights were the thing as a kid.

    My best New Year’s Eve was a few years ago. I decided before I turned 30 that I would celebrate New Year’s in Times Square. My friend and I went and met lots of great people. We got a great place near one of the stages and saw Christina Aguilera and had a blast. It was really cold but so worth it.

    I’ll let my friends know about the giveaway. I love your blog.

  5. Decorate me! I have some really old ornaments from my great grandmother that are kind of hollowed out and refract light. They’re gorgeous and my favorite to put up!

  6. Decorate Me! This year and all the years to come my most precious ornaments are the ones that were given to my husband through the years. Many are of sail boats and trains which were his favorite hobbies. He passed away this past Oct. from cancer and those ornaments on the tree help me to know that his spirit is with us through the Christmas season.

    • Julie, it is so generous of you to share your story with everyone who reads this blog. Thank you! I imagine your husband would be delighted to know how much those ornaments still mean to you.

      Isn’t it amazing how little things like Christmas ornaments can carry so many special memories for all of us over the years?

  7. Jerianne Weisman

    Decorate me! My favorite ornament is a glass blown ballerina ornament that my grandmother gave me when I was 7 or 8 years old. My mom collected other ornaments for my brother and I over the years. When we finally left the nest she gave us all of our ornaments. Now I have tons of ornaments that I remember from my childhood that are at least 20-30 years old. Oops..didn’t mean to date myself there haha! Merry Christmas.

  8. Decorate me!
    My favorite ornament was a plastic train engine with a little mouse conductor that Ive always had since I was little. He had funny rosy cheeks and mouse over-alls! One year my cat knocked over the Christmas Tree and broke the mouse’s ear, but luckily my mom saved the day with some super glue. Merry Christmas!

  9. Decorate me! I love the red tree!!!

    • I love it, too! I bought one for our home when I bought one for this giveaway! It looks great on a shelf in our kitchen with lamp light shining through it.

  10. Decorate me! My favorite Christmas ornaments are the collection of tiny, delicate birds that I use to decorate a tabletop, artificial tree every year. The little tree has about eight birds on it and one strand of white lights: very simple and cheerful. They are hand-painted and rather soft, as though they may be made out of paper, and they have a few feathers for wings and tails. I have collected the birds over the years from botanical gardens, whose gift shops usually sell them. I love them partly because they are beautiful and natural-looking, partly because they remind me of the botanical gardens I’ve belonged to over the years (esp. Brooklyn and Richmond), and partly because I have a hobby of learning birdsong.

  11. Katherine from Illinois

    “Decorate Me”
    My Favorite ornament is a 3×3 tile (as in floor tile) that has many green and red fingerprints shaping a Christmas Tree on it with a ribbon looped through a small drilled hole, it is the only handmade ornament of mine that has survived this long.

  12. “Decorate Me”
    My favorite Christmas ornaments are the White House ornaments. I get one from my father every year. I started getting them in ’96 and they are always such a treat to hang on the tree.

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