7 Grown up stocking stuffers

Stocking stuffers are always the last gifts we buy before the holidays. While buying for kids is rather easy (there are whole shelves devoted to this near most store cash registers), finding something interesting and fun for adults can be a little more of a challenge.

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During my childhood, every adult in my family would get a big pack of several rolls of film in their stockings. (Camera film, remember that?) This was a really practical, useful gift that everyone appreciated and it was used to create more memories. These characteristics are now what I strive for in stocking stuffers for adults…even though the film-for-everyone idea is long off the table. Listed below are some of my favorite stocking stuffers for “grown ups”. I hope they help you in your Christmas gift hunting!

Restaurant.com Gift Certificates

If you are not familiar with this company, here’s how it works:

  • You go to restaurant.com and enter your zip code.
  • Pick a restaurant that you would like to visit from those listed on their index for your area.
  • Buy one of their $25, $50, or $100 gift certificates for that restaurant at an amazing price.
  • Print the gift certificate on your printer, instantly.
  • Save a lot of money dining out.
  • How much money can you save? Right now, there is a promotion code (“Stocking”) that allows you to buy a $25 gift certificate for $2. Yes, $2! So you spend $2 and will get $25 off of your restaurant bill.

    You can also buy open gift certificates that let the recipient choose the restaurant where they want to use their discount. Be sure to read the unique fine print for each restuarant, especially any special date restrictions (Mother’s Day, Saturday nights, etc.), but most of these deals are good for a whole year. Yum! Want more details? Just click on the linked picture above to go directly to their promotion!

    Card Games

    There is a new twist that has trickled into the marketplace over the past few years. Card games, of course, have been played for centuries. (I’ve always meant to learn to play “Whist”. Seriously, Miss Austen, you couldn’t have tacked a simple how-to into the back of one of your delicious novels?)

    Now, there are many versions of classic board games available in card game form. You can find them online at Amazon. Even easier, most of these games are at your local Target store for under $6.

    I used to love to play Monopoly, but you had to set up the board and everyone was fussy over “their” pieces (Who wants a car when you can have a dog?!) and the money counting made the game last F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Meet my new friend:

    We can play a game of this in under 15 minutes! The rules are slightly different, but the concept with deeds, rent and banking are the same ones you loved as a kid. And here are Amazons links to other great formerly-know-as-board-games gifts:

    Magazine Subscriptions

    This is a one of my favorites. Go to amazon and type “$5 magazine subscriptions” into the search box. It will bring up all of their magazine subscriptions that are currently on sale. In late November, there are many 1-year subscriptions on sale for $5, but even this late in December there are great deals to be had. Plus, it’s a gift that keeps on giving for 12 months.

    Subscriptions take 4-6 weeks to get started, so to give this gift for Christmas, just pick up a current issue of the magazine. Roll up the magazine, tie it with a ribbon or a strip of wrapping paper, and attach a note explaining the subscription details. This stocking stuffer is great for filling up the leg apart of any stocking!

    Camera Gorilla

    Okay, so film is not a stocking stuffer option any more, but here’s one that does really help your digital camera.

    This may look like a simple tripod, but it has this amazing gripping ability that allows you to take great pictures anywhere. You can now be in your own pictures without having to ask a stranger to hold your camera or balance it on whatever horizontal surface you can find around you.

    One of the famous Camera Gorilla residents of a protected habitat in Rwanda. Just kidding.

    Click on either picture above to find the Amazon link, although I have bought this gift twice in major big box stores (Target, Best Buy) too. The Camera Gorilla is sturdy, lightweight, easy to carry, and, best of all, under $15. Great family photo around the tree on Christmas morning? Done.

    Mini Liquor Bottles

    I have to give credit to my dad for this idea. He came up with it a few years ago and it has been arguably the most popular stocking stuffer in our family ever since then. I hardly need to tell you what to do with these, do I? Find everyone’s personal favorite and truly “top off” those stocking.

    They can also save you some money if you are traveling for Christmas or any other family occasion. They certainly meet airline safety requirements. They could also come in handy when you are seriously resenting that battery-loaded toy with all the bells and whistles that your Great Aunt Edna sent this year. Santa knows just what you need:

    Image courtesy of thecorknbottle.com

    Lottery Tickets

    Free money at Christmas.

    Whether giving the scratch-off or the computer-generated-number type, giving someone a winning lottery ticket would certainly make it a Christmas to remember. And who doesn’t harbor a little bit of lottery hope when those winning totals climb high?

    Image courtesy of mentalfloss.com

    Movie Candy

    Like a big box of candy to take into the movie theater? You can find the big, movie-theater-expensive boxes of popular candies at Walmart for $1 a box. Target also frequently has sales that offers these size candies at $5 for 5 boxes of any variety.  Those big, chunky boxes fill out a stocking very nicely. Bonus: they make going to the movies more affordable!

    Want another great idea? Christmas music! Cds are almost designed to be stocking-sized! Here’s my list of 15 can’t-go-wrong Old School Christmas albums. Maybe you need a little something extra for your own stocking?

    What do you like to put in stocking for the adults in your family? Is there a popular item everyone loves that you’d like to share? Everyone needs a little help with their holiday shopping. Leave your ideas in a comment!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    These are great ideas. We love card games and are always looking for new ones. You’re right Monopoly the board game does take forever. 15 minutes sounds much better.

    These are much better than what I usually put… cheap stationery, like thank you cards….

  2. These ARE great ideas! I love that camera thingy!

  3. Hi! I love your Blog! I read it everyday. Love the Stocking Stuffers ideas! I always get a car wash coupon book for each of our stockings. We are “empty nesters”, but my husband is still working part time. He enjoys a Subway or any other chain fast food gift card. I will be getting him a WalMart gift certificate to be used for gas. It is 10 cents off the regular price as it is with some grocery chains. I buy these cards at our Krogers, using our Kroger card to run up points for less on gas.. These can be bought at any grocery chain. It’s a win-win situation!

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