Sales on zzzzz’s

Warning: This post may make you crave a nap.

It’s January. And if you get a lot of catalogs like me…(Seriously, A LOT. Now you know why I am so adamant about Greener Living. I have to pull my own weight here at my end of the eco-system.)…you may have noticed that January is one of the best times of the year to buy bedding. January is on of the two times a year that most home & housewares retailers have a big one of these:

The other time of year that these sales appear in is August. However, in my experience with clients, August is not really a time of year that people visualize themselves using new bedding. They love the look of their new bedding in a newly decorated room, but their lives tend to be busier with outdoors activities. Summer is still cooking away in August and outdoor meals are very easy this time of year. Perhaps the lure of new bedding just sounds too warm when you still have the AC set so high?

Image courtesy of

Five months later in January, most Januarys (including, finally, this January), the outside temperatures have dropped, bundling against the wind and cold has become part of our daily routine and a long winter’s nap sounds really good!

January makes people want to crawl inside their bedding a snuggle down. Is this a hibernation instinct we humans still cary with us? Or is it just the thought of a great book, cosy bedding, and a warm beverage that says comfort to us in the darkest days of the year? Mother Nature may howl outside, but if we have a thick comforter or a fluffy duvet in our favorite colors, luring us as a step toward a deep night’s sleep, we are just where we want to be.

“Le Lit” (The Bed), by Toulouse Lautrec, 1893 Image courtesy of Wikipedia

So, while I’m sure a case can be made for savvy salesmanship when people are still paying off their Christmas bills, you just can’t beat a good White Sale in January. There are deals to be had and people are in the mood to make their bedroom a priority. (But, don’t just take my word for it. The US Census reports that September and October have been the most popular birth months of the year for decades.)

Have you been browsing White Sales in catalogs at your home lately? I’ve pulled together a collection of scrumptious bedding (on sale!) on Pinterest that you can browse today. Just click on the picture below to wander over and check out  what I’ve seen and liked.

What makes up a good bed for you? Do you like a duvet and blankets? Do you swear by high thread counts? Are you a big fan of quilts? How many pillows do you like to sleep with at night? Share your preferences in a comment!

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  1. I miss the blog. I check back often and hope you will start it back up soon!

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