Marvel-ous mood board for kids

Today’s post is brought to you by all the cool Wonder Woman tools I think every woman still wants today. Where is my lasso-of-truth to use on department store cosmetic personnel? Where are my bullet deflecting bracelets to fight off telemarketers? If I wanted to, I could now fill an entire house with clear acrylic furniture. How is there still no invisible plane that allows me to skip the TSA line?

I wouldn’t want Wonder Woman’s dry cleaning bill, though. You just know hers is still more expensive than all those guys in tights. Image courtesy of

In all seriousness, though…well, not too much seriousness…

With the ongoing success of The Avengers movie, I thought it might be fun to throw together a free mood board on Pinterest with a super hero theme. I’ve made this mood board with kids in mind, as a sort of ideal super hero hangout. However, I’m would not be surprised if adults found some fun decor inspiration in here, too. (When you see it, know that I just discovered the “Lay-n-Play construction set carrier” today and can’t wait to recommend it to future clients!)

Bat signal. You know you want it. Image courtesy of Amazon

I chose a cool grey as this room’s wall color because I want a clean backdrop for all the riotous comic colors to stand out and be noticed in the room. I was thinking of it as a basic pencil shading color, but moms and dads might like that it would be an easy color to adapt if the room decor needs to change away from this little fortress of solitude. That said, I have committed an entire accent wall to a comic book cover mural. It was just to fun of a wall covering to ignore and I figured, like most comic book villains, I should go big or go home.

Warning: Using this wallpaper mural on every wall in a room may induce serious mad scientist tendencies. Image courtesy of Amazon

Many of the furniture pieces in this mood board sport flashy colors. (Or should that be Flash-y colors?) I chose a lot of pieces from Ikea for this board, because Ikea is really offering some fabulous colors in their designs right now. I also feel that no one ever begrudges the price points at Ikea. The clean simple lines in most of their furniture works really well in kids’ rooms because they are neutral enough to grow up with any child while still being practical.

Its kind of an old Superman blue. Not quite as bright as a Captain America blue, but definitely brighter than an X-men blue. Image courtesy of Ikea

Unlike past free mood boards on my Pinterest account, I’m gonna leave this one up indefinitely. I know parents can use all the help they can get when keeping kids room manageable and affordable, so I hope this offers some realistic resources for anyone looking for some inspiration. (Please note: I take no responsibility for adult comic fans attempting to recreate this entire room for themselves without the knowledge of their spouse. You know who you are. Please use your super fan status for good, not evil.)

This bunk bed, although super-cool looking, is not designed for adults. Image courtesy of Ikea.

All of the images shown in this post are pulled from my fun new mood board on Pinterest. Want to jump to the mood board faster than a speeding bullet? Just click right here. You can also always reach my Pinterest boards by clicking on the Pinterest logo on the sidebar of this website.

Question time! If you could choose a super hero power, what power would you choose? Mr. CARO and I go back and forth on our choices, but somehow we always end up in a debate about distorting the space-time continuum. Bazinga! (Fluent geek spoken here.) Share your superpower in a comment! Love this mood board? Share it on your Facebook page to help me recruit more followers!

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Our son just got into comic books and he’s crazy for them. He goes away to his first summer camp this year and we wanted to surprise him with something when he got back. This is perfect! Thank you so much.

  2. I’d want to cherrypick two abilities from The X-Men and The New Mutants; Wolverine’s healing factor allowing him to quickly recover from any wound, injury, or disease, and Cypher’s ability to master any language in a matter of hours.

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