Rule Britannia

I have a fun little decor mood board for your Friday.

It’s rather topical, as well. This weekend will be the start of a major party in the UK to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. There are all sorts of national events planned as well of lots of local parties in communities all over the UK. You can read all about the events, learn more fun facts about the monarchy and even leave a message to Queen Elizabeth on this website.

Image courtesy of

Elizabeth II, a working mother of four, first took the throne 60 years ago at the young age of 25. She is now the second longest reigning monarch in her county’s history. The longest reign is held by Queen Victoria, at 63 years 7 months.  This is Queen Victoria at her Diamond Jubilee in 1897:

Working mom at rest, Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Victoria ruled the British Empire, while also giving birth to and raising 9 children, all of whom married other members of aristocracy across Europe. Leave it to the ladies to do a thorough job, I say.

Since there will be some great holidays in the UK over the next week, I thought I’d throw together a little decor love for all of the Anglophiles out there, like me.

Where can I buy these things? Just click the links in the descriptions below:

1. What is a “Diamond” Jubilee without some diamonds? Rectangular frame and Round frame, from ZGallerie

2. Raise the roof with Union Jack paper lantern garlands, from

3. Cuddle a corgi with no house training required, from Amazon

4. Celebrate the city with this London tea towel, from Amazon

5. Bring on the cakes with this set of London cake tins , from Amazon UK

6. Wall art with words to live by, from

7. Scalloped-edged Diamond Jubilee postage stamp area rug, available in several style, sizes and colors, from

8. Raise a toast to “The Queen” with Beefeater Gin, available at all good liquor stores

9. Take in the view of modern London with this Cityscape vinyl wall decal, from Cost Plus World Market

10. Relax like royalty with these decorative pillows:  Victoria Crown pillow, from Bloomingdale’s; London Town pillow, from Etsy; London Underground Station pillow, from Etsy

11. Serve up a nice cuppa with this Diamond Jubilee teapot, from Harrods

Whether you are admiring the celebrations from afar or live in one of the 16 countries across the world that call Elizabeth II “Your Majesty”, join in on the party!

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  1. I’ve seen the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters, but not “Put the Kettle On”. I love it.

  2. I like everything, but I don’t understand why there’s a dog. What does that have to do with the queen?

    • Good question, Brittany! Queen Elizabeth has always owned Welsh Corgies, the little dog I included a stuffed toy version of in the mood board. She grew up with them herself and always is seen with a small pack of them at her various homes. I find her clear choice of a specific little dog rather sweet and personal.

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