Something wicked this way comes…

It’s October, my favorite month of the year. I love the change of seasonal things in our lives, like weather temperatures, cooking habits and holidays. I’ve always felt like October brings the three month holiday season to a gentle start, especially when it comes to decorating for Halloween…

In my experience, when people set out to decorate their homes for Christmas or Thanksgiving, they fully commit it to their schedule. Shopping for the Thanksgiving groceries generally requires an organized trip to the grocery store before the big dinner event. Decorating a Christmas tree also requires some planning and serious time to get the tree up and sort out all of the related decorations. Halloween, though, can ease up on you.  It creeps toward you on the calendar, not really requiring anything in the way of decorations. You can choose decor slowly and add it as the month goes by.

You know in the back of your mind that Halloween is coming. Even if you are a very busy parent, sewing multiple costumes for your wiggling goblins, there is the sense of approaching this annual event that feels different.  Is it the way adults can feel naughty to be caught devouring children’s candy loot? Is it the freedom we get to be silly while designing our own Halloween costumes for work or parties? Who knows. I think this is part of the mysterious fun. Halloween sneaks up on us in a maleficent way with fun choices: How wicked do we want to be?

I’ve pulled together some devilishly fun Halloween decor on a Pinterest board for you to browse. You could use all of this decor to outfit a Halloween party of your own, or just sprinkle in a few pieces around your home to add some spirited flare. All of the items on the board are linked to their retailers online, and all of the pictures in this post come from my board. Like what you see? You check out my full Halloween Pinterest board by clicking on this link, the Pinterest button on the website sidebar, or on this picture:

What says Halloween to you? Is it pumpkins, costumes or candy corn? Leave a comment and share your opinion! I’m off to play today, because it’s my birthday. (Told you I love October!) I may be a little slower in comment moderation than normal as I eat my birthday cake, but keep those comments coming!

If you liked this post, you might want to read my earlier post full of recipes that use up leftover Halloween candy. Just click on this link:

Fighting Ghoulish Sugar Crashes

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  1. You’ve got some awesome stuff there! I love Halloween – my decorations go up the first weekend of October (and I have more Halloween decor than Thanksgiving and Christmas combined!) and THEN add to it all month!

    Loved some of the things on this pin board. Ended up ordering the stripey spider mug – I collect Halloween coffee mugs – and may have to get a few of the other things as well! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love the batty runner on the Pinterest board. Cool find.

  3. The Pumpkinhead figure in the first vintage card pictured terrifies me in a wonderful way. Of course I prefer jack-o-lanterns to eating anything much made of pumpkin…I’m all about apples in the Autumn, as well as whimsical gothica.

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