BIG House Tours

Do you love a good house tour?  Isn’t it interesting to see how people live in their homes? The BIG House Tour series on the blog is a great place to explore and learn about really big houses. These are BIG houses on a famous or important scale and sometimes they are big in size, too.

Hear the stories of the owners and learn about their lives in these grand homes. You even get a little history about the house itself. These posts will take you everywhere they can go in each house, just short of opening the medicine cabinet.

Here are the BIG houses we’ve toured so far:

If you’d like to read about more house topics, be sure to explore these other posts that deal with specific architecture and home design subjects:

Are you thinking of a home you’d like to see in our BIG House Tour series? Do you have a architect or style of house you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Recommendations and requests are very welcome! Just leave a comment below…

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