Design Vocabulary

Ever wondered what a certain design item or style is called? Or where it came from? How can you articulate what you like if you don’t know the proper words to describe it?

Is this famous house built in the Georgian, Colonial, Neoclassical or Federal style? Image courtesy of Allan Baxter/Getty Images

The Design Vocabulary series on the blog is here to help you. You can learn about famous designers, architectural styles, furnishings history, decor terms and all sorts of interesting related trivia. Understanding the history and relationships of design is what really makes it memorable.

“Those new dining chairs I’m longing for are from Ancient Greece?!” Image courtesy of

Linked below are all of the terms discussed so far in this ongoing series. See if you can find a new term to add to your repertoire…

Do you have a design term you’ve always wanted to know more about? Feel free to leave a comment about it and I’ll add it to the list of vocabulary to post!

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