Greener Living

We all know we can do more to help the planet in our daily lives, but sometimes we need a real kick start to go out and make more lifestyle changes. Your home should be your place of sanctuary, but the crux of the matter is:

What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” ~Henry David Thoreau

How many 10 minute projects would you be willing to do to make your home life better for the planet and better for your conscience?  How many over the span of a year? What if these little changes made your home life easier and helped the planet?

Image courtesy of NASA

Twice a month, I’ll post a new idea for Greener Living for real life. Quick, mostly cheap things you can do that will make a noticeable difference. I’ll do the research and pass it on to you. I’m gonna keep it real and let you know the things we do in our home, too.

Use this page to make sure you don’t miss a single idea as we progress through the year. If you use only half of my ideas, you will have made 12 significant changes toward a better home by the next time Earth Day rolls around.

Why not go for them all? Our homes and our planet need us to be better. There really is no more time to procrastinate.

Let’s get started:

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